Windows 7 - How to prevent Defender from rolling back Hosts file change?

Asked By JohnDavi on 01-Mar-08 11:21 PM
I use the Spybot feature that provides an updated Hosts file (with nefarious
sites pointing back to the localhost).

Windows Defender real time protection keeps notifying me that it has (or
wants to) change the Hosts file back to the original.  In looking at
Defender's options, I only see one way to prevent this action, i.e. to enter
the path to the Hosts file into the "Do not scan these files or locations"
box.  So, 2 questions:

1. Is that the best (only) way to prevent the Hosts rollback?
2. Wouldn't that put my system at risk for some malware to also change the

C.B. replied on 02-Mar-08 07:26 PM

I also run Windows Defender in real time and I have never had this
problem. I just opened Spybot S&D and reimmunized. I did not receive any
kind of alert from Windows Defender.
I have used Windows Defender since the day Microsoft bought Giant
Software and I have never had the issue you are experiencing.
Since Windows Defender is an integral part of the Vista OS I know of no
way to uninstall it and reinstall it. I wish I had an answer to your problem
but I do not. Sorry.


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JohnDavi replied on 02-Mar-08 08:33 PM
Thanks for your response.  Yes, this is a curious situation. Prior to my
current Vista OS, I was running the precursor to Windows Defender (name
escapes me) on a W2K machine and did not encounter this problem.
Maybe someone else will have some suggestions.