Windows 7 - runas explorer /separate

Asked By docdream on 07-Mar-08 02:17 AM

Using WinXP I was able to run an administrative shell from an normal
user environment, through

runas /user:administrator "explorer.exe /separate"

In Vista business instead whenever that I use runas /
user:administrator "explorer.exe /separate" from user cmd, the system
return the following message:

Attempting to start explorer.exe /separate as user "NOTEBOOK
\Administrator" ...

end after ...nothing!

Using the same command without "separate" switch, I can see a new
shell but with the same credentials of the user environment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Jespe replied on 06-Mar-08 11:35 AM
This functionality has been deliberately disabled in Vista and above.
Explorer is not designed to run in multiple instances.

I wrote a tool to launch an elevated explorer instance since it is not built
in. It ships with the Windows Server 2008 Security Resource Kit:
Your question may already be answered in Windows Vista Security:
docdream replied on 12-Mar-08 09:05 PM
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thank's a lot for your answer!