Windows 7 - Windows has found this file is potentially harmful

Asked By Ar on 23-Feb-09 02:17 PM
I am running Windows Vista Ultimate with Windows Defender Disabled and Norton
Internet Security 2009 installed.  Someone who is completely trusted sent me
an email with an attachment.  The attachment was defined as a ZIPP file.  I
copied the file to my desktop and renamed it to a ZIP file to access the
enclosed files.  Within the ZIP are four OCX files which I need to copy to my
System32 directory.

When I attempt to copy the files to any location in my computer, I get
computer, Windows has blocked access to this file."  When I click on the "How
does this help protect my computer." link it takes me to Windows Mail help.
This has nothing to do with Windows Mail.

Where can I adjust the Security settings in Windows to fix this problem

DL replied on 23-Feb-09 05:44 PM
Just an observation; you need several different malaware type scanning apps,
so having Defender disabled is not helping you. Norton will not detect all
Someone I know & trust sent me an attachment that was infected
SunnyOz replied on 23-Feb-09 07:05 PM
I to am getting the same problem.  Don't worry about whether we need
'more' security than we already have.. that doesn't help with the
current problem.

How can you unblock access (even if it is only temporarily) to what
Windows Security considers a harmful file extention.

I have an application I need to install from a zipped file that is
located on my C: drive, and I can't save the extracted files to my PC
because of this blocking  (in my case it is complaining about .js

I know the files are 'safe', but I can't find a way to get Vista to let
me store the files.

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Doug replied on 24-Feb-09 03:45 AM
OCX ... very much on the off chance, I sometimes receive DCX files that open
in Irfanview when other means fail. They turn out to be fax messages sent as
DCX but which Irfanview identifies as TIF files with incorrect extensions.
When I accept its offer to rename them to TIF, I can read the messages and
manage the files. As Irfanview is free, compact, swift to install and
well-behaved, you might consider installing it and trying to open the files
with it.

I don't see any OCX or TIF files in my System32 folder - You have sound
reasons for putting them there?

Within the ZIP are four OCX files which I need to copy to my System32
Ar replied on 25-Feb-09 07:14 PM
OK, I have solved the problem by installing WinZip and bypassing the Windows
ZIP file handler.  I was able to extract the files with no problem.

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