Windows 7 - Error code 0x80040154 Fix?

Asked By HeadsUpCham on 15-Mar-09 12:55 PM
Does anyone have a fix or suggested solution on fixing the windows defender
update error code 0x80040154.
Im running the Windows vista operating system and i have yet to find any
information on this error.
Every time i try to update my windows defender i get this same error code.
I have tried to update manually and it still wont even install or do
If anyone can help it would be great.  thanks

HeadsUpCham replied on 15-Mar-09 04:50 PM
okay i tried the first set of steps but it told me that MMC cannot open th
file C:\Windows\System32\services.msc

It says that it might be the file does not exist or this is not an MMC
i have no idea how to check what this is but any added information would be
As far as section 2 of your reply, i didnt know where to start for that
option so i couldnt give it a shot...thanks.
Enge replied on 15-Mar-09 06:02 PM
1.-Try running sfc /scannow to see if that resolves the issue,
2.- consider going to the secuяity portal.

1.- Run System File Checker.
press enter and let it scan your system, if any files are damaged or missing
they will be replaced using the files on the windows disk


In Vista run it from an elevated command prompt.
Right click command on start and run as administrator.
2.- Save it, close all windows/programs open, and run as admin.

Go here: Microsoft Malware Protection Center
Click the link in the right frame under ' Latest Definition Updates '
for either the x86 [32 bit] or x64 [64 bit] edition of Windows installed.
*Save* the definitions that will now download.

Once the download completes close all open programs and browsers.
Now run the downloaded file [ if the edition of Windows is Vista, then
*right* click it and choose 'Run as administrator'.

Follow the prompts to allow it to run ].

Did that get the latest defs installed ?

HeadsUpCham replied on 15-Mar-09 06:22 PM
ive tried both those things and neither worked...ill just keep hoping someone
has seen this before and found a fix...thanks
Noddsta replied on 15-Mar-09 07:13 PM
hello mate..
try downloading ccleaner ...
when it installed it will give you registry on side bar...
click that then scan hope this helps mate...
i can remaber i had this once i done that with ccleaner and it sorted
maybe it will help you
thanks :)

FromTheRafters replied on 15-Mar-09 08:41 PM
From reading around, some people have had success with using Windows
Update to get the latest updates and there is some interaction between
WU and WD where this issue is resolved.

...would not hurt.
Noel Paton replied on 16-Mar-09 08:53 AM
When you ran sfc /scannow - how long did it take? (must be run from an
elevated command prompt!) - should have been at least a few minutes.

can you run Event Viewer? - Search for 'eventvwr' and click OK
If so - are there any records of what was fixed?
can you run services.msc now?

Noel Paton

Nil Carborundum Illegitemi
HeadsUpCham replied on 09-Apr-09 03:02 PM
I cant even get into services.  it just flashes real fast and then disapears,
just like my windows update box does...i have no idea whats happening.  I
didnt know what was ment by clicking startup type as automatic so i didnt
even try to be honest.  SFC was much too confussing for me to understand so i
didnt try that route either.   Ran CCleaner and nothing worked from that.
good program but not a fix...
Very frustrating indeed i would say.  if anyone has a suggestion that would
be nice to see. thanks in advance
a fix for my windows update just flashing real fst and not staying up would
be nice too. thanks...