Windows 7 - Freelancer and multiplayer

Asked By Night Stalker on 08-Apr-07 08:26 AM
when using a mod on freelancer to play multiplay on servers i can see the
server list on global or lan but as soon as u try to join it say carnt
connect sever is going off line or there is a prob
things iv done
1 iv turned off vista fire wall and all things that could stop me from
getting online and still no joy.
opened up FLMM using admin & that didnt work
everybody iv spoken to about this all say that vista deosnt support online
anybody got any thoughts

MDF Destroye replied on 08-Apr-07 09:44 PM
I am getting the same message form freelancer and i curently have no mod
instaled on freelancer . i go to mp see the servers  click to join and i get
the smaem message and i repet this is an unmoded game so its not the mod
bob replied on 12-Apr-07 12:55 AM
DirectX 10 which is standard with Vista doesnt support Directplay. Directplay is what makes The multiplayer work. So all old Microsoft games that have multiplayer dont work with Windows Vista. I have the same problem with Freelancer.
CrazyHorse replied on 16-Apr-07 03:57 PM
Mine does the same thing. looks like microsoft have forgotten about directplay. maybe a service pack will be released one day that will correct this issue...hopefully. but i still got my other pc so its okay.
Wireplay Slav replied on 06-May-07 07:02 AM
What I want to know is

I have heared thet the global server for freelancer will be shutting down
early 2008. Is this true?
If so when were we going be told about it?

A lot of players still play the freelancer game in multiplay and to shut
down the global server would kill this great game.

If the global server is shutdown how can players access the servers that
have been going for the last 4 years and have established a player based
community. not forgetting all the work put in by the admin teams of these
Pikachu replied on 13-Oct-07 05:24 PM
Have this problm whit sold?

I can not join a server.

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NT Canuck replied on 14-Oct-07 02:37 AM
Vista has a repaired TCP stack for networking but then they
went and mangled the client/server synchronization settings
inside the client driver, should be corrected maybe in SP1.
Win2k handles it correctly afaik, and so does WinXP if you
start the game executible using 'Win2k comapitibility mode'.
Note..this mostly applies to the mod' servers not the
standard game where a small server patch is available.

NT Canuck
'Seek and ye shall find'
Pikachu replied on 14-Oct-07 03:28 AM
I have try Win2k comapitibility mode. Bot i get the same problem.

Wer is this patch you taking about?

Wer i dowloding it?

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NT Canuck replied on 14-Oct-07 04:34 AM

That is a good website and has a forum to support the
Freelancer community, both standard game and mod's.

I hope that helps. ;-)

Otherwise more help may be available by using the forum:

NT Canuck
'Seek and ye shall find'
stetilley replied on 20-May-08 08:41 PM
Hi there
I know this is an old problem, but i was wondering if time has been a
healer for it?  Me and my friend recently got the game and wanted to
LAN it, but he is using vista (i am fine using xp)
any new solutions, as he doesn't want to uninstall his antivirus

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Steve Trail replied on 16-Jul-08 10:38 AM
Just thought I would post some info about Vista and Freelancer. We have a knowledgebase set up for both the normal play and Multiplayer aspect of Freelancer and Vista for those who are having problems.

As you will be aware directplay was deprecated in vista and so some small tweaks are needed.

You can view the solutions at:
lordlangford replied on 20-Sep-08 07:29 AM
I have the fortune (miss) of having 3 Vista machienes and NO xp ones, so
i had no option but to work this out or i will get no lan playing
I can report the following i have found Reguarding lan, One computer
MUST BE SERVER cant play.
the other 2 MUST have freelancer ran in Win2k Compatability mode...
This sux if you only have 2 computers get an old xp machine and run it
in server mode trust me even a P1 can run server freelancer.
as for online, havent tackled taht one yet.... uninstall vista??? may
be the best solution going.

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lol replied on 25-Apr-09 01:37 PM
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mmmikezd replied on 08-Oct-09 02:41 AM
MDF Destroyer;2746667 Wrote:
I did this myself because i also could not play freelancer. My problem
is a little diffeent tho. When I click on multi-player a server list
NEVER shows up at ALL.

I cannot even see a list of servers to connect to. i also un-installed
My anti-virus and it still never got a list of servers at ALL. I am
running Vista X64 bit.

the first time i installed freelancer i could click on multi-player and
i had no problem at all. There was a list of servers and i could click
on 1 and i was playing the game.

then i re-installed freelancer and now I have no servers in the list
window.. there is nothing in the server window to choose from. i
disabled my firewall. un-installed my anti-virus and ANY other program i
could think of and it WILL NOT SHOW A LIST OF SERVERS AT ALL.

i have pretty much given up on this. the ONLY way i can play the game
is to go to the VOID MOD where i play at and click on direct connet and
then it opens up freelancer and i can play the game all night if i want
to but can NOT do it the other way.

IF you ask me it has NOTHING to do with the firewall or the anti-virus
because i shut the firewall down and un-installed the anti-virus and
still did not work.




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