Windows 7 - AutoCAD Compatibility issues

Asked By SurveySay on 27-Jun-07 12:04 PM
I just purchase a Dell Inspiron 1705 running Vista Home premium as an
operating system. I use AutoCAD LDD 2005 as a CAD program for my surveying
business and am quite happy with that product. I've resisted upgrading to
2007 because I like working with point files rather than objects.
I've contacted my Autodesk provider and asked why VISTA won't allow me to
run AutoCAD products. Her answer is that version 2008 will be compatible.
Great...I need something that works now!
I'm thinking it will be easier to delete Vista and install XP but this is
turning into quite a process. Is it possible to partition in a way that
allows me to choose what operating system I can use, so I can run AutoCAD
when I want to? Does that even make sense? By the way, this is a first for me
trying out a discussion group.
Survey Says

Richard Urban replied on 27-Jun-07 12:28 PM
If you have software that will not function under Vista, you only choice is
to continue to use Windows XP until an update is made available for your
chosen program.

Autodesk is notorious for NOT upgrading for free. After all, this software
is used in a corporate/business setting and they feel that people should be
willing to spend $3800.00 for a version that "works" in keeping their
business running.



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Dave replied on 27-Jun-07 12:32 PM
Yes, you can partition & install XP, if you have enough disk space.
But you might check out this thread first..
and this one...

They claim that you can run it in XP compatibility mode, and run as
I don't have Acad to try it.

Good luck!
Dave, PE
former MicroStation user.
SurveySay replied on 27-Jun-07 01:58 PM
Thanks Richard. I think we are going to ship the notebook back and get one
with XP uploaded to avoid paying for an operating system that won't serve my

AutoCAD is only interested in forcing people to update software and pay
their "ransom" subscription rates. I am a micro business and not willing to
pay $1,100 annually to keep up to date. Their answer was...wait till we
release 2008, it will be compatible. Geesh :-/
Survey Says
SurveySay replied on 27-Jun-07 02:00 PM
Thanks Dave,

I will send the notebook back to Dell and get another notebook with XP and
conserve disk space. We have the space but after thinking about it, why use
it up on two operating systems.
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the other gordo replied on 27-Jun-07 02:10 PM
I am running Acad Lt 2006 w/ Vista Business, in xp compatibility mode and
have had no problems......yet.

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SurveySay replied on 27-Jun-07 02:28 PM
Interesting...I don't have the business Vista...Home premium. I contacted
Dell and they will set me up with XP Home Ed and it will cost me $24 after
rebates and coupons. That's the route I'm going until AutoCAD can make things
work for me on Vista, at which time I will reinstall.
Survey Says
gls858 replied on 27-Jun-07 06:20 PM
I think you'll will find that when you go to upgrade the price
for moving from your current version to the new version is about
the same as paying the $1100 per year. In fact if you wait to
long they make you buy a full version license again. At least
this is what happened to us. It's the old pay us now or pay us
later, but you will pay us.

gls858 replied on 27-Jun-07 06:23 PM
I have been told the older versions of AutoCad will never be made
Vista compatible. That's straight from AutoCad.

Adnan Ali replied on 25-Nov-08 06:32 AM
Dear Sir,

My is Adnan ali khan.

My problem is, i am using vista 6.0 Version on my Toshiba Laptop, when ever i install Autocad 2005 & 2006, after installation when i run the programe at the same time my hole system vga become desterb and gives indications of compaitebility ?

what is the right soulation of my matter??

please waiting for you valuable reply.


The Max replied on 25-Nov-08 07:07 AM
AutoCAD 2005 and 2006 are not supported for Vista.

The only versions of AutoCAD that are supported with Vista are 2007
and 2008.

That said, you need TONS of RAM to run AutoCAD.

Dave Cox replied on 25-Nov-08 10:40 AM
I am pretty sure his attempt at English is better then how you would
butcher his native language if the tables were turned.

This forum isn't an exam of the English language after all (99.9% of us
including me would fail at one point or another). It's where people
from all walks of life and different languages should be able to come
and ask questions concerning Vista. Even though I might not have an
answer to the OP's question other then contact AutoDesk I was able to
understand what he was asking, my question is can you?
DL replied on 25-Nov-08 10:39 AM
Doubtless English is a second or third language, which probably beats you by
Alias replied on 25-Nov-08 11:01 AM
New to Usenet? If you want a moderated group, visit Live Groups (or
whatever Microsoft is calling them now), Yahoo Groups, Google Groups,
etc. and I am sure you will find Vista groups that don't allow
*anything* but Vista questions. In the meantime, get used to it and get
over it.

Lord Fauntleroy replied on 25-Nov-08 02:10 PM
You can get to the vista forum through Usenet.  Yes, you are mistaken.