Windows 7 - Broken Screensaver

Asked By FlutterBy on 27-Jun-07 01:31 PM
A couple of weeks ago my screensaver suddenly stopped working - it certainly
isn't a priority of mine that it must work. But it makes me wonder if it
could be related to something else. Nothing about the system had changed -
except maybe updates. I've tried changing settings in Power Options &
nothing makes any difference. The screen just goes black when the
screensaver is supposed to kick in. I've heard this is a bug with MS own
wireless mouse software - but mine's Logitec!
Here's hoping someone else knows something about this.

Mac replied on 27-Jun-07 03:58 PM
If you include actual details you might get a useful reply.
KentuckyRange replied on 17-Sep-07 04:06 AM
I too have had this problem. I had the Logitech wireless Keyboard and Mouse
that ran on Bluetooth. I got sooo tired of Vista not recognizing the Mouse...
I kept having to borrow my Wifes wireless Laptop Mouse to get mine to work
again so I went out and got the Microsoft wireless Keayboard and Mouse,
thinking that a Microsoft product would shurely work on Vista, and it wasn't
Bluetooth. It even said on the Box that it's Vista ready. Little did I know
that this problem goes deeper than Bluetooth, LOL!
My first concern was when I went to install the driver software. Vista
stopped me and said the software was not good for Vista and led me to
Microsofts website. Right out of the Box I had to download the drivers for
both Keayboard and Mouse, this concerned me.
I don't much use a screensaver and when I'm on my Rig I'm working so the
screensaver never has a chance to come on since I have it set to wait an Hour.
The other Day I noticed, after going out ofr a few Hours that the
screensaver hadn't kicked in. Now I see that it doesn't work at all. Not only
that, Microsoft Mail has stopped working as well! I can recieve messages, but
I can't send anymore.
I hope that Vista isn't the next Windows ME...
After spending over $300.00 on Vista ultimate, I wish I'd have went with
XP... :O(

Sorry, I don't have the answer for you my friend, good luck in your quest. ;O)