Windows 7 - MSN Explorer & Vista.

Asked By Dave on 10-Jul-07 02:16 PM
Hi all,

Can anyone tell me where, or if, I can get a free version of MSN Explorer
that will run properly on Vista Ultimate. Failing that is there anywhere
that I can purchase a subscription that is Vista compatible?



Dave replied on 10-Jul-07 02:31 PM
here is a link to that relic... do not know if it works...
mae replied on 10-Jul-07 03:42 PM
See your options here:

I am unaware of any free version except if included in a ISP package.
I doubt the old free version (7. released Oct. 2001) would install or
properly since it depends on current version of Internet Explorer.
Current version MSN is 9.5+.

...winston replied on 10-Jul-07 03:45 PM
Note: Msn Ex is free, the use the software requires a subscription(dial =
up or bring your own isp)
Thus each type of cd can be ordered. Choose properly.

Alternative for Vista, if already a paying msn subscriber or service =
already provided by another isp(with an existing email account)
Windows Live Mail (beta)
- note installation on Vista will replace all Vista's Windows Mail =
shortcuts, if later uninstalled the shortcuts will return

ms-mvp wlmd

...winston replied on 10-Jul-07 04:34 PM
Iirc, version 7 would function on xp and win98(ie6 was installed) and =
allow creation of an address. Unclear today since free =
accounts are no longer available with a few exceptions.

Someone posted a few years ago after MSn 8 was released success using a =
sub account created by another family member's primary pop3 account but =
I don't know if that works today with http msn dial up or partner =
created accounts. Though, older legacy pop3 dial up accounts continue to =
allow creation of subaccounts with an address.  I only ran =
version 7 for a short period of time successfully using an =
account(long since coverted to a premium plus account), thus don't know =
if a later autoupdate feature forced a change to version 8(or later) =
subscription only version.

I would be extremely hesitant about installing Msn 7 on Vista =
Ulitmate...too old and too much unknown.

ms-mvp wlmd