Asked By BIG BOY on 06-Aug-07 01:31 PM
IN VISTA DEFAULT PROGRAM setup ...How do I add a file extension that is not
listed and a default program to use that file,

example: I have a FLV player but I do not see FLV listed to associate FLV
with a specific program

dean-dean replied on 06-Aug-07 01:50 PM
Double-click on a .flv file, and use Open With to (1) give the a name for
the file type, say "Flash Video File" (no quotes), then, (2) browse to the
program you want to open it.
dean-dean replied on 06-Aug-07 02:05 PM
To clarify, when you double-click on a .flv file, you will see a dialog.
Choose "Select a program from a list of installed programs".  Then you will
see "Type a description that you want to use for this kind of file". Type
folder that contains the *.exe file for the program.  Double-click on
james brow replied on 06-Oct-07 02:08 PM
I have vista, and got a gvp file in an e-mail. Vista/GVP doesnt exist, but
it may be possible to play as an AVI. My default AVI player is windows media
center, but I dont know how to instruct GVP file to open AVI player-
thx Jamie B