Windows 7 - XP shut down error message - help please...

Asked By TheSan on 06-Aug-07 08:22 PM
My XP when sutting down says something like, "Memory could not be written
(numbers)...memory could not be read (numbers) click cancel to debug the
program or exit to close the program."  I could give you the exact numbers
but the numbers change.  And sometimes there is more than one error message -
but always during shut down - no other time.  I've been working on getting
rid of this error message for about 3 weeks now.  I've worked with my OEM at
length (via email.)  They had my go in and change my virtual memory setting.
I changed it to "system managed size."  They had me download some things to
Acronis to a earlier date when there was no error message and things seemed
okay... for awhile, then it showed up again.  I checked to make sure I had
ALL Microsoft updates.  I have Microsoft 2003 Office - but only that partial
program.  I never did buy it - but I never deleted it either.  I always
received updates for that program fine until about 3 months ago when the
updates started failing.  I thought that might be the problem so I
uninstalled it yesterday and things appeared okay - again for awhile, but
last night it was back again.   My OEM wants me to restore to default which I
don't want to do because that will be a lot of work... and I did that restore
from Acronis (a restore when there was NO error message) and if it came back
that time - I believe it will come back again using the HP restore.  I'm out
of places to look for an answer now and wanted to see if anybody had any
ideas.  Please remember I'm not a "techie" so if it is too advanced I won't
understand you.   My next choice will be either having someone come to my
house (I've used the "yellow pages" for computer tech assistance and
regretted it) or taking it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy (I've regretted that
too.)  Hoping someone can help....

Richard G. Harper replied on 06-Aug-07 10:06 PM
Probably the first thing to do would be to wander over to a Windows XP
newsgroup for assistance.  Here in this newsgroup we support Vista, where
things tend to be just a bit different from XP.

Richard G. Harper [MVP Shell/User]
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TheSan replied on 06-Aug-07 11:12 PM
Thanks Richard, I didn't know there was an XP forum.  I joined this one
because one of my computers has Vista and most of the help I have needed
lately has been for that computer...  From reading the posts here I see there
are a lot of comparisons between XP and Vista so I thought raising the
question here would be okay.  I'll check out the other forum and see...

TheSan replied on 16-Aug-07 09:06 PM
In case somebody is having this same problem... "Memory could not be
written.. memory could not be read" error message when shutting down.  I
fixed it by installing new ram and disabling add-ons I wasn't using.  Hope
this helps someone if they are having that same error message when shutting