Windows 7 - GRLDR woes on startup

Asked By Hilarious on 15-Aug-07 08:51 AM
On booting my clean formatted re-install of Vista the machine
'freezes' with text
Booting GRLDR
Reseting (sic) the boot driver...
get_info(81), int13/41 (81), [some more]
...and stays like that for 4 minutes while the drive light is glowing
without a flicker,
after which the Vista boot menu appears. 13 minutes later Vistas GUI
shows up.

The Event Logs show nothing - they only start seconds before the login
screen - and I can't find any booting log for the initial stuff.

I thought the GRLDR stuff was detritus from my Linux booting
experiments with it in earlier days when I didn't realise that it
formed part of Vista anyway!

It would seem that there is a helluva lot of activity that grldr/vista
needs to do before booting my box.

I did a chkdsk /b  on all NTFS disks and chkdsk /f on the machine's
active FAT32 primary partition.  All was clean and a chkntfs of all
NTFS disks said the same.

Has anyone seen this business before (and found a fix for it)?


Richard Urban replied on 15-Aug-07 08:59 AM
GRLDR is ***NOT*** a part of Vista. It seems to be from your Linux
experiments - probably as a result of the MBR having been modified by Linux.



Richard Urban
Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User
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Bob replied on 15-Aug-07 09:08 AM
GRLDR is the Grub Loader from Linux, post to a Linux forum
Bob J
If advise given from anyone, solves problem or not, or if solved from
another source,post back & let us know.
Then we all benefit.
momay replied on 18-May-08 11:26 PM
just delete grldr in drive C:\ and it will be ok. but you have to enable
viewing protected operating system files in folder options to be able to
delete it.