Windows 7 - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\BCD00000000 ?

Asked By SwampYankee on 11-Sep-07 07:53 PM
I see a registry key I don't recognize at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, it's value is BCD00000000.
There are a few folders underneath but they don't seem to contain anything usefull
any ideas what this is?

dean-dean replied on 11-Sep-07 09:04 PM
Well, I see value data such as Windows Boot Manager,
\system32\winresume.exe, \boot\memtest.exe, etc., among all the alphanumeric
stuff, in that key.

The XP boot.ini configuration file has been replaced with the Boot
Configuration Data file in %SystemDrive%\Boot\BCD. This file is a registry
hive (mounted under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\BCD00000000 on Windows Vista).  Its
contents can be viewed in a more readable form using bcdedit.exe in Command
Prompt, and the more so with programs like VistaBootPRO or EasyBCD. The data
is useful in that it's used to boot your computer...
SwampYankee replied on 12-Sep-07 09:04 AM
OK, booting the computer is a good thing.  I will keep it!
Thanks, just wanted to make sure it was not a spyware thing.