Windows 7 - Win32 Cabinet Self-Extractor

Asked By de on 16-Oct-07 10:24 PM
Can anyone tell me why I get a pop-up telling me that this has been blocked
every time I sign in? What is its purpose?  How do I fix this?

Juli replied on 28-Nov-07 06:16 PM
Hi dee

I have the same problem as you. I called at Dell to see why this happened
and after talking to 2 people, the last one told me it was because I had
installed my webcam which wasn't compatible with Vista. Now that guy wanted
me to re-install my Windows but the line cut and obviously, he didn't call
back. So it's been 3 times that my tactile mouse has froze so I called back
today. The girl made me uncheck all the programs that open up when the
computer opens so now instead of 'programs block - win32 cabine
self-extractor' it's my MS-CONFIG. Now this is my story, let me know if you
find a way to arrange it please. There must be someone who knows someway to
fix it ..