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Asked By Windows Verkenne on 30-Nov-07 08:52 AM
Bij het selekteren van een schijf komt er steeds de melding dat de windows
verkenner niet werkt. De verkenner wordt opnieuw gestart en soms doet hij het
dan ook weer. Kan iemand mij helpen?

Alvast bedankt!


Saucy replied on 30-Nov-07 09:53 AM
Versuchen Sie, einen* Newsgroup.

Charlie42 replied on 30-Nov-07 12:41 PM
I would go with

It may be a hardware or hardware driver problem, in which case the question
should be directed to manufacturer's support.

Ken Blake, MVP replied on 30-Nov-07 02:13 PM
In his case, a Dutch newgroup might be more appropriate than a German

Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP Windows - Shell/User
Please Reply to the Newsgroup
Saucy replied on 30-Nov-07 03:54 PM
Well either would be better than the english group. Most here cannot tell the
difference between dutch and deutsch.

WindowsVerkenne replied on 30-Nov-07 04:37 PM
I'll translate my queation in english so I have a better chance in getting
the right answer:
Every time I open a drive a message pops up saying: the windows explorer is
not running. Than the system starts up the explorer again, closing everything
what is running, succeeding only some times. Can somebody tell me what is

Thanks in advance!

Synapse Syndrome replied on 01-Dec-07 07:38 AM
Speak for yourself.