Windows 7 - sfc /scannow found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of the

Asked By secor94 on 01-Dec-07 11:35 PM
I ran the sfc /scannow command because I was having some problems getting
programs to run and got this message..
verification 100% complete Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files
but was unable to fix some of them.
So I performed a full system restore back to factory settings. After the
restoration was complete I ran the command again and still get the same

I have looked at the cbs log file which makes absolutely no sense to me.
I read on another site to take ownership of the windows directory, that
didnt make any difference.
I contacted HP technical support and all they could tell me was how to use
the HP system recovery which I already Know how to use.
so obviously there is an error in the factory image partition on the hard
drive, and HP dont know anything.

uvbogde replied on 02-Dec-07 03:15 AM
In the CBS.log use Find to check for "cannot repair" and Find Next to find
other files that could not be repaired.  Write down the names of the corrupt
files that could not be repaired.  Then go to Repair Vista Options and follow
the steps to fix your computer.  You may eventually have to Access System
Files on Your Vista Install DVD to copy good files to your OS to replace the
corrupt files.
secor94 replied on 02-Dec-07 01:20 PM
I searched for cannot repair and get the message.. cannot find "cannot repair"
I think maybe sfc is lying to me about corrupt files
uvbogde replied on 02-Dec-07 06:15 PM
I would do a Disk Cleanup and Chkdsk error checking, and see if you have any
further problems.  If not, I would not worry about SFC.
Darrell replied on 02-Dec-07 06:44 PM
Please send the cbs.log and the cbs.persist.log( if it exists)
Remove the online from my email name before sending and please zip the
files upas they get pretty large.

Darrell Gorter[MSFT]

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replace the
to use
goonie replied on 29-May-08 04:05 PM
I am running into the same error.  I looked into the CBS.log and
searched for "cannot repair" but could not find anything.  Can someone

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