Windows 7 - ehthumbs_vista.db

Asked By Bob on 22-Dec-07 08:52 AM
This recently appeared on my desktop.

What is it?

AJR replied on 22-Dec-07 09:16 AM
It is the "storage" site for Media Center thumbnails.

Is it pale or washed out? If so it is normally a hidden file - you have the
folder options view set to show hidden files.
Bob replied on 22-Dec-07 09:37 AM
it is not pale or washed out. My folder options are checked to not show
hidden files. Any other thoughts?
bomb#20 replied on 22-Dec-07 09:55 AM
Try typing ' ethumbs_vista.db ' into Google.
I get over 300 hits, you should find enough info there.
Bob replied on 22-Dec-07 10:38 AM
I Googled it before I posted. Nothing tells me why it mysteriously appeared
on my desktop.
bomb#20 replied on 22-Dec-07 10:38 AM
Oops!  Obviously that should be ' ehthumbs_vista.db '
dzomlija replied on 22-Dec-07 12:59 PM
As mentioned in previous posts, "ehthumbs_vista.db" is the storage point
for Media Center thumbnails.

It should normally be a hidden file, and is usually located in the same
folder as the media being played. Chances are you had a media file of
sorts on your desktop, and played that file with Media Center.

It is safe to delete the file, because it has no functional bearings or
attachments to Media center other than providing a central location for
thumbnail storage.


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Bob replied on 22-Dec-07 07:44 PM
Thank you for the well informed and well explained answer.
blanc replied on 12-Sep-09 06:23 AM
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