Windows 7 - Is Skype Emotions Art a malware? How to remove this junk?

Asked By p.jayant on 18-Jan-08 07:57 PM
In spite of the tight security maintained by Vista, I find an uninvited
application in my Program Files - Skype Emotions Arts - which does not show
up in the Programs under the Add/Remove List.
I am not interested in keeping such junk on my system. How can I uninstall
it without damaging my system? Is it a malware, sent hidden in e-mails, by
its producers to
computer systems?

P. Jayant

Don Varnau replied on 18-Jan-08 10:07 PM
This doesn't appear to be a program which has to be installed or
uninstalled. It appears to be code which can be copied and pasted into
You should be able to simply delete it.

Hope this helps,

C replied on 18-Jan-08 10:24 PM
P. Jayant,

I think you mean to say "Skype Emoticons Art". Yes, Vista has tighter
security, and no, the program was not "uninvited" into your system. How old
is your computer? Could the program be part of crapware installed on your
computer by the computer vendor? Did you visit a Skype website and click on
anything lately? Have you downloaded any "free" emoticons lately. Most "free"
emoticons are laced with malware. Have you downloaded and run any free "check
your computer for spyware" applications lately. They are also loaded with
If you have a viable AV application on your computer the chances are
very slim that someone has sent you this program "hidden in emails". Besides,
why would anyone with half a brain click on the body of any email from an
unknown sender? Why would someone with any common sense open an attachment in
an email received from an unknown sender?
Go to your start menu and see if you have a listing for the Skype
emoticons. It's possible there is an uninstaller for it. If not, simply go to
your Program Files and delete it. If you can't delete it you can change the
permissions of the folder and then delete it.
The fact of the matter is this: either you or the computer vendor put
the program on your computer. Vista had nothing to do with it.
Have a nice day.