Windows 7 - Headphones not working

Asked By airmid45 on 27-Feb-08 08:47 PM
I've read through some of the threads, and it did not help much. I have
a Toshiba A215 S5815, with a AMD 64bit processor. My external speakers
work just fine and dandy. However, when I plug in my Shure earphones
they do not work and the external speakers continue to work. On my last
toshiba running XP when I plugged these same earphones in the speaker
would mute and low and behold my earphones worked. Any suggestions???

I've run tests on the earphones and I hear the test back. So I know the
earphones are working.

I'm really "HATING" Vista with a big passion, and really considering

Thanks in advance!


Not Me replied on 27-Feb-08 10:00 PM
Each manufacturer may be a little different, bus as I remember, I had to set
my headphone jack as the default device to hear it.
When it was not plugged in, the external speakers worked again.

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NoStop replied on 27-Feb-08 10:06 PM
Go Ubuntu! You'll love it. Please ignore Frank. He's deranged. His mom
kicked him out of the house when he tried to install Ubuntu on her Vista
computer. He was too stupid to get it installed. Now he blames Ubuntu for
all his misfortunes. Millions of Windows users have moved on to Ubuntu
without any problems. Frank on the otherhand is marketing "will that be
fries with your order?".


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