Windows 7 - How do I uninstall Java from my Vista PC?

Asked By Victor Delta on 11-Apr-08 12:52 PM
Is anyone having the same problem as me?

Because of the way Java RE updates, I have several versions installed and
want to uninstall some of the earlier versions. I have never found this a
problem in XP.

However, when I go to CP Programmes and Features and click on the Java(TM) 6
Update 2 etc entries, I don't get an uninstall option at the top (just
Organise and Views).

I have tried Googling this problem and looking at the Sun website FAQs but
can't find any reference to this problem. Can anyone help please?

On a parallel tack, does anyone know a good way to update Java without
keeping earlier versions by default? It would save so much disc space!



Bruce Chambers replied on 11-Apr-08 01:24 PM
I've so far been unable to duplicate this issue.  Were these earlier
versions of Java already in place when you upgraded to Vista from an
earlier OS, or were they all installed subsequently?

Also, have you tried this method, listed on the removal web page:

If the normal uninstallation process (as mentioned above) fails, then
please try Microsoft Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. This tool will
ensure that all irrelevant Java Runtime Environment Microsoft Installer
(msi) registries are removed. Detailed information and download is
available at:

Description of the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility;en-us;290301

Removal instructions:

* Download the Microsoft Installer Clean Up utility file and save
it on your desktop
* Double click on executable file. The installation process will
start. Follow the instructions accordingly
* Once installation process is over, go to Start -> All Programs ->
Run Windows Install Clean Up utility
* This will launch the Windows Installer Clean Up utility dialog box
* Under the Installed products list, select the desired JRE version
that you want to remove
* Click Remove and Exit

Sadly, you'll have to take this issue up with Sun's Java developers.
They've specifically designed their update installation routines to
leave older Java releases in place; this way they don't have to take the
trouble to make the newer versions backwards-compatible.  A lot of the
more complex web-based applications - especially those connecting to
Oracle databases - are written for specific versions of Java and often
break once the user installs a newer version and removes the older ones.
This is a problem I see on a regular basis, whenever a new Java update
hits the field.


Bruce Chambers

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Victor Delta replied on 11-Apr-08 08:22 PM
Subsequently installed (on new Vista PC).

Thanks Bruce - this seems to have done the trick!


I'm surprised no enterprising programmer has yet produced a little programme
to enable one to sort this issue automatically or manually.