Windows 7 - Error 0x80070091

Asked By AL on 03-Jul-08 01:45 PM
I have a folder of pictures.

Out-of-the-blue, when I try to open the folder I get a message that it is
not openable and is corrupted.
When I try to delete it, it won't delete, and I get an error message
So, I'm stuck. I can't open the folder nor get rid of it.

I have done extensive research on this. People suggest doing scandisk, which
didn't help for me.
Most people I came across said the only way their problem got fixed was by
wiping out the entire hard drive and re-installing Windows.

Can anyone help me out?


Mark L. Ferguson replied on 03-Jul-08 02:05 PM
Open a command prompt, and log onto the folder that is the parent, above
that corrupt folder. Run the command:
RD /Q /S *

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Mark L. Ferguson MS-MVP
AL replied on 03-Jul-08 05:20 PM
Since I am a novice, could you please give step by step instructions for me
how to open a command prompt etc.?