Windows 7 - Unknown icon in toolbar? What is it?

Asked By L. Sharp on 05-Aug-08 01:23 PM
What is this? I normally have one, now I have two. When you hover the mouse
over it, it shows nothing.
Here is a picture of it:
It's the two icons to the left.. kinda looks like a check mark in front of

If you know what it is, why is there TWO?

HappyAndyK replied on 05-Aug-08 01:36 PM
L. Sharp;78404 Wrote:

Cant see the icon clearly. Right click on it and see if you have an
option to open it or if you can get any addl info there; else
doubleclick on it.

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Synapse Syndrome replied on 05-Aug-08 01:55 PM
He can see what it is called in the Start Menu Properties, in the bit about
hiding Notification Area icons.

L. Sharp replied on 05-Aug-08 02:14 PM
Can't click on it.. can not hover for extra info.. someone suggested that it
may be sidebar icon.. if so, why two?
Buddha replied on 05-Aug-08 02:31 PM
Download WinPatrol here: and install it.  It will
not only identify and allow you to manage start up programs and BHOs, it
will require you to confirm future add ons that sometimes seem to install
themselves with no warning or notification.

James Kosin replied on 05-Aug-08 02:36 PM
Seems to look a little like either a Norton or McAfee Icon of some kind.

Dave-UK replied on 05-Aug-08 02:45 PM
Try looking in Task Manager for a process running twice.
L. Sharp replied on 05-Aug-08 02:48 PM
figured it out... none of you guys knew... wow

its a parental control icon --- went to task manager, there was two, end
process.. one gone
L. Sharp replied on 05-Aug-08 02:50 PM
Thanks, I figured that out...
Paul Montgomery replied on 05-Aug-08 11:49 PM

In the future do NOT change the thread subject as you did here.  Folks
using newsreaders - the MAJORITY here - might not connect the two
threads in their minds... and new folks won't have a clue what you are
talking about.
John Barnett MVP replied on 05-Aug-08 03:04 PM
It's not the sidebar icon and whatever it is it requires elevated
permissions to run (just by looking at the shield on the icon)

Have you tried looking at the notification area properties right click on
taskbar and select Properties. In the taskbar and start menu properties
window, click the notification area tab, then click the Customise button.
Look down the list of current and past icons to see if the applications name
is registered here.)


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iMav replied on 05-Aug-08 03:09 PM
That icon is the Parental Control icon. Why there are 2 I don't know,
but you can try to disable it.


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iMav replied on 05-Aug-08 03:29 PM
John Barnett MVP;78446 Wrote:

Parental Control icon.


It's a Microsoft world kid, I am just living in it.
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