Windows 7 - Unlock scroll lock

Asked By Zhizara on 26-Sep-08 07:15 PM
I know I had this problem once before and got it solved, but don't
remember how, nor can I find an answer:

My scroll lock is lit up and I can't turn it off.  It is apparently
affecting my full screen function.

Please tell me how to unlock the scroll lock button.  I have a laptop,
so do not have number lock on my keyboard.


Andrew Murray replied on 26-Sep-08 07:50 PM
Note, depending on your keyboard, the scroll lock may be doubled-up with
another function key.  Laptops normally have a "Fn" key which makes the
a laptop - so for you scroll lock could be for example "Fn-F7".

For example:  you press Fn-F5 to swap between LCD monitor and external
monitor or projector, or to have both running; or Fn-F6 to turn up sound
volume and Fn-F4 to mute the speakers .....and so on.  So maybe there's a
similar way to turn on and off the scroll lock.

Read the operation manual for your computer.   Otherwise, post the details
of what model/make it is so someone can help.

There also may be an onscreen command that turns it on and off.....just
guessing here without knowing what brand/type/model your computer is.
Zhizara replied on 26-Sep-08 08:46 PM
I have a key which is scroll/number lock.  There is a blue light also.
Usually this light is off.

Andrew Murray replied on 27-Sep-08 05:49 AM
Maybe the Scroll/Num lock operates two functions if you just press the
button you get the Numlock on/off, but if you combine it with say the "Fn"
(or appropriate key) it will turn off the scroll lock.

Again as in my first answer - read the computer's manual - it probably
explains how to do such things.
Zhizara replied on 27-Sep-08 06:55 AM
It isn't mentioned in the owner's manual. I'll just have to get used to
it. I was worried about it because suddenly my full screen auto hide
wasn't working. I thought that somehow this was being caused by the
scroll lock. It turned out that the auto hide function was disabled in
IE7Pro, probably due to the recent update. I'd still like to understand
the scroll lock/num lock. There is no number pad on the keyboard, and
regular numbers work normally no matter what you do. Scroll lock is used
in Excel, but doesn't need a special key to use it. As far as I can see
it is a totally useless key with it's equally useless blue light, and
was put there just to drive people nuts. I'm still curious, if anyone
has any info on it, fine. Otherwise, I'm just going to ignore it for

barman58 replied on 27-Sep-08 07:53 AM
Hello Zhizara, welcome to the forums, :party:

for your information...

the Scroll Lock Key and also keys such as PrintSc, SysRq, Pause/Break,
are related to functions used in the days long before Windows, or even
the PC. they actually go back to the days of "dumb" Terminals linking to
central mainframe computers.

They are unlikely to have a use in modern computing (except the PrintSC
(Print Screen), key which is still may be used in Vista to perform a
Screen capture).

saying all this if the light showing is a problem for you, if you will
post back with your system details such as make and model of your
laptop, I will try to provide you with instructions to switch this off.

you may actually want to go into your Control Panel [User CP button at
top of screen], on the forums and complete the "system spec" section
there as this will help other members to help you with any problems you
may have in future.


the beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not
understand.,- frank herbert
Zhizara replied on 27-Sep-08 09:25 AM
Thanks.  I'll just ignore it.  The real problem was the hide/unhide for
full screen which apparently was set to disable when I updated IE7Pro
which is a really great program, by the way.  For anyone using IE7 this
is a must have.  The Ad Blocker really works and has lots of other great

I did take your advice and filled in as much of the computer details as
I could find.  I'm not really a hardware person.

Claudia DiPietro replied to barman58 on 24-May-10 01:46 PM
I obviously pressed the scroll key by I don't know how to unlock it and my keypad is typing numbers, (sometimes) not all the time!!! what can I do?  I don't have any book with my least I don't remember one.  Does anyone know how to unlock the bloody button?  Please help.. thanks,
John Daniels replied to Zhizara on 12-Jun-10 06:57 PM
Simple press function (Fn) + num lock (num Lk)