Windows 7 - Desktop Icons Automatically Get Enlarged!

Asked By Chris on 02-Nov-08 10:13 AM
I built a new Vista Ultimate 32 machine 2 days ago.

I set icon size = 24, horizontal spacing = 44, vertical spacing = 25
(classic icon). Desktop icons are aligned to grid.

They become automatically enlarged when the Vista desktop loads although
24-44-25 still remains in "advanced appearance" window. The amount of
enlargement is always the same.

The auto enlargement of desktop icons also happened (1) when a program added
a desktop icon (once) and (2) when I was working on other things in Vista

BTW, I did NOT accidentally press Ctrl and scroll the mouse wheel.

I have a Vaio notebook running Home Premium and this problem has never

It seems that Vista doesn't process my custom desktop icon setting, and that
it sets up the desktop to a predetermined size for classic icons.

What is going on?!? Thx

Mark L. Ferguson replied on 02-Nov-08 10:39 AM
The Aero Theme is over-ridding your custom settings. You will find this is
also true for all of the features being perennially mentioned since the
beta, like the green color of the search progress bar.

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