Windows 7 - Error writing temporary file

Asked By Keith Russell on 07-Dec-08 09:33 PM
Hi, everyone.

My laptop running Vista Ultimate x64 crashed the other day and
refused to reboot, telling me that winload.exe was missing or
corrupt. I was finally able to run a startup repair from the
installation DVD and get it booted. Now everything seems to be
OK, EXCEPT that:

I now get the following error message at Windows startup and just
about whenever I try to do anything worthwhile:

NSIS Error
Error writing temporary file. Make sure your temp folder is

I don't know what NSIS is, but I am unable to send email or do
several other common tasks. Can anyone tell me how I can fix
this? Do I need to re-create some environmental variables that
have somehow been lost? %TEMP% is currently set to
c:\windows\TEMP, and System Properties shows that I have only
System variables set and no User variables.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!


MickMurph replied on 08-Dec-08 05:01 AM

You could try Windows System File Checker to try and fix errors.
Info above.

MS search results for that error:
Mad Mike
Flavius replied on 08-Dec-08 08:33 AM
1.Make sure the folder *C:\Windows\Temp* really exist and check
permissions for this folder
2.See also this article:'Why do I get NSIS Error - NSIS'