Windows 7 - consent.exe

Asked By Nilesh Kumar on 09-Mar-09 01:13 AM
What is consent.exe? And does it need to connect to the Internet?


MickMurph replied on 09-Mar-09 02:07 AM

Read the different MS links.
Mad Mike
maybe replied on 09-Mar-09 02:07 AM
Why, are you having problems?
Take a look at this
Nilesh Kumar replied on 10-Mar-09 08:13 AM
Thanks for your help. :) . I did search as you did on Microsoft forum. I
will see to them.  :) .
Rathee replied to maybe on 20-Jan-10 06:46 AM
I had the same problem with my Vista (consent.exe was running in my
system but when i right click on task manager, it prompts me to click on
the link to enable it to run as administrator). But, I manage to
discover a trojan which was the main culprit to this issue.

You may want to install AVG Anti virus available online. it is FREE
(recommended, but you can always use other anti-viruses which can scan
for trojan/malware/spyware)
Link to download:

Once you run AVG, it will detect "Trojan horse Generic 15.ASHK" running
in your C:User\.....\Roaming\sdra64.exe

When AVG has successfully removed this trojan from your system, you
will not see consent.exe in task manager anymore.

Hope this helps.