Windows 7 - CryptNetUrlCache - What is it?

Asked By JimWoo on 19-Aug-09 11:45 PM
My concern is leaving a 'surfing trail' on computers that are not under my
control. IE allows one to delete user data in the form of cookies, history,
etc., but some of the same info remains in Vista 64 under:

C:/user/AppData/LocalLow/Microsoft/CryptnetUrlCache/Content and /MetaData

I believe that these files have something to do with "Certificates," but
exactly what is all this good information, when is it used, and what are the
implications of purging these files? replied on 20-Aug-09 01:39 AM
Jon replied on 20-Aug-09 11:19 AM
No major implications at all. Like all 'caches' they are just for speeding
things up slightly. Get rid of them if they bug you.

Velvet Brown replied to JimWoo on 27-Jan-10 01:57 PM
These are actually system level files that one cannot change or remove.  They are a securely encrypted copy of your entire windows and internet browsing history on the system.  Beware, even after you clear the internet cache and history in IE, netscape or firefox, a copy exists forever.
Peter Foldes replied to Velvet Brown on 27-Jan-10 03:26 PM
Another deadhead from egghead


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pacinitaly replied to Peter Foldes on 28-Jan-10 11:53 AM
I delete them eveytime I powerdown my rig

I have included these folders in my delete stuff on ccleaner

see attached

|Filename: Capture.JPG                                              |


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Jon replied to Velvet Brown on 01-Feb-10 01:42 PM
Actually you can change, remove, or do whatever else you like with them.

L F replied to pacinitaly on 10-Oct-10 04:01 AM
I agree with reference to the modification of internet history locations on the computer.  However, those are actually hashes typically storing authentication information, in my experiences they are either 32-34 characters long. I believe what you meant to say when saying IE history can't be deleted was that certain aspects cannot due to the implicit nature of their largely unpublished existence causing them to be virtually unknown(Index.dat/ntuser.dat/etc....) however with a manual wave of the wand its possible to rid oneself of all internet history.  We'd be underestimating roughly a 10 million dollar market of software that is all the same if we said that internet history cannot be deleted, and we wouldn't wanna do that!!! hahahahaha.