Windows 7 - Caps lock display - how to turn off?

Asked By Richard Fangnail on 11-Oct-09 12:49 PM
I have Vista where an indicator pops up whenever you turn Caps Lock on
and off.  Earlier today, whenever I turned Caps Lock on or off, I
could not type for a few seconds, which was annoying.  When I tried it
again later, there was no delay.

The page below says how to turn off this annoying feature, but I do not
have a folder called WidcommBT.  Do you know what I could look for?

Have you found that this popup delays your keyboard?

Richard Fangnail replied on 11-Oct-09 12:49 PM
I have used two Gateway keyboards.  it is a Gateway desktop.
I just restarted and retested it, and the delay only happens the first
time I use Caps Lock.  Then there is no delay.
I went to Control Panel>Keyboard and could see no option for this.
The driver is a process called
Richard Fangnail replied on 11-Oct-09 12:49 PM
it is a wired ordinary keyboard.

I think my keyboard is okay and the delay was because of the Caps Lock

I would like to turn that indicator off but I do not know where to go
in the registry.
Richard Fangnail replied on 11-Oct-09 12:49 PM
I do not know where such software is.  I have tried Control Panel >
Keyboard and also System Device Manager.
I think the driver is by Chicony.
I found some other threads of Gateway users who had the same problem.
Dave-UK replied on 08-Oct-09 03:15 PM
The caps lock indicator is not part of Vista. The web page you referenced
describes Bluetooth software and registry entries, not Vista registry entries.
If you do not want that feature then uninstall it or disable it from running at start-up.
Look for something called bttray.exe in your start up setup.
keepou replied on 08-Oct-09 03:31 PM

check out the ease of access section under control panel. See if 'toggle =
is on. That's supposed to give a sound with turning on caps.
might also have a popup.
Richard Fangnail replied on 11-Oct-09 12:49 PM
ng at start-up.

I found bttray.exe nowhere - I tried msconfig and Task Manager.
Re Ease of Access - it is not there either.

If the solution is in regedit, what should I look for - that is, where
is the toggle most likely to be?
lemur replied on 08-Oct-09 09:17 PM
you can"t turn it off.


their *REP* icon. Thanks!  (the middle scale icon in the upper right
lemur replied on 08-Oct-09 09:19 PM

their *REP* icon. Thanks!  (the middle scale icon in the upper right
lemur replied on 08-Oct-09 09:21 PM
you cannot turn it off


their *REP* icon. Thanks!  (the middle scale icon in the upper right
lemur replied on 08-Oct-09 09:24 PM

their *REP* icon. Thanks!  (the middle scale icon in the upper right
Tae Song replied on 09-Oct-09 04:00 AM
The information at the link is for if you are using a bluetooth keyboard,
although it is not mentioned.

Are you using a bluetooth wireless keyboard?  Not all wireless keyboard use

WIDCOMM is bluetooth software and bttray.exe is short for bluetooth tray
(icon) that shows up in the system tray.

The person who wrote it does not seem too knowledgeable as he does not know
the difference between 3rd party software and Vista.

Editing the registry with only limited knowledge is dangerous.

You should be looking for 3rd party software in the startup as Vista does not
have the ability to display caps lock key press out of the box.

it is additional software that came with the keyboard or computer.  It might
help if you posted what keyboard you are using.  If the keyboard came with
the computer, list the make and model.  At least then we have something we
can do a search on.
Dave-UK replied on 09-Oct-09 04:07 AM
If you have not got any Bluetooth software installed then the page you referred to
is a complete waste of time.

If you have got LchDrvKey in MsConfig try disabling that.

If you have not got that entry then you need to find out what software
is generating the popup. It is not Vista.

Dave-UK replied on 09-Oct-09 08:44 AM
How do you know it cannot be turned off ?
Do you know for sure which program generates the popup ?
lemur replied on 09-Oct-09 10:32 AM
Dave-UK;1156056 Wrote:

Dave... thanks for the reply but this was actually a little bit of


their *REP* icon. Thanks!  (the middle scale icon in the upper right
Dave-UK replied on 09-Oct-09 12:15 PM
Ok, sorry I did not get the joke!
I think the problem is I assume am posting to a text-based technical newsgroup
whereas you are posting from a web forum/chat room where the liberal use
of loony smileys seems to be de rigueur.
smlunatick replied on 11-Oct-09 12:50 PM
AS you seen, it the previous replies, this seems to be part of the
Bluetooth protocl stack drivers / software provided by Widcomm, now
owned by Broadcom.  I have been looking at the cause of this in my
Windows XP months before I installed my own Vista.  Thank you for this
Richard Fangnail replied on 11-Oct-09 12:50 PM
I noticed LchDrvKey in the processes and Googled it, but I am not sure
if it is safe to change it.

I understand now that the page I mentioned is just Bluetooth which I
do not have.
Dave-UK replied on 09-Oct-09 02:36 PM
Well if you do not want to temporarily disable it via MsConfig as I suggested
then I have no other advice. That route would be safer for you than editing
the registry which was your first plan of action.
Maybe somebody else will offer better idea.
Good luck.
Gene E. Bloch replied on 09-Oct-09 06:14 PM
Really, though, the joke was not all that funny :-)

Neither are many of mine, which therefore gives me the right to rag at

Gene E. Bloch      letters0x40blochg0x2Ecom
nhlgal66 replied on 22-Oct-09 11:09 AM
I am having the same problem, I just bought a laptop with vista home
premium and the caps lock notification keeps popping up and delaying me,
I have done everything I cant find a file names bttray or in the regetit
in software I dont see the next widcomm either, please help as its very
annoying!! And I am not the brightest techy

drybones replied on 22-Oct-09 11:43 AM


Dave-UK replied on 22-Oct-09 11:49 AM
What is the make of your laptop ?
nhlgal66 replied on 22-Oct-09 02:38 PM
Its an advent, if I disable it like the link says will I still be able
to ue the caps lock button to put the caps lock on? I just want to get
that notification to stop popping up and delaying me typing anything!

Dave-UK replied on 22-Oct-09 03:09 PM
What link ? You should quote the relevant text so everybody
knows what you are talking about.

You probably do not realise that the 'forum' you are posting to
is not the actual newsgroup that I, and many others, are posting to.
Venturebrowser replied on 22-Oct-09 02:46 PM
Go to C:\windows

The pesky little bugger's name is CNYHKey.exe

I just renamed mine to CNYHkey_DISABLE.exe and rebooted.

Problem solved...

No ill effects so far. Hope this helps.

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thomas25039276 replied to Richard Fangnail on 08-Dec-09 04:31 PM
This might be a bit late but for future reference.

look under control panel, ease of access ,ease of access centre, make
the keyboard easier to use(dont have anything selected on that page),
turn on bounce keys and set for 0.5 seconds.

And that should be it....

Happy  typing

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kyle0440 replied to Richard Fangnail on 30-Jan-10 02:16 AM
First type REGEDIT in run
Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MCHINE_\SOFTWRE\Widcomm\BTConfig\General and then
locate KeyIndication
Modifiy it from 1 to 0, then restart your computer.
Works perfectly for me.
its safe i got the answer from hp