Windows 7 - Error 0x000000aa

Asked By Erik on 14-Oct-09 01:37 AM
When I try to configure a printerport, I get the message "... Error

There are a number of programs available on the internet, that are said to
clean this up, but they seem to do a lot more than that (and there is no
specification) so I do not dare to use any of them.

Is there a remedy for this 0x000000aa-error specifically?

STAN STARINSKI replied on 14-Oct-09 01:49 PM
The port is in use as is indicated by Interrupt, loading PC into Stack, and
loading Interrupt Vector into PC.. .pretty basic/standard behavior.

Are you running Antivirus in real-time mode?
Try disabling it.  Is your printer a Brother?  Next time try HP!
Erik replied on 14-Oct-09 05:08 PM
This system has worked for a couple of years - now I have changed the
router, but nothing else.
Antivirus in real time, yes, but the same as before and the same result if I
cut that off.
The printer is the same as before - HP color laserjet 2550L