Windows 7 - Activate Retail version with OEM key?

Asked By Gordon on 03-Jan-10 08:49 AM
I am having an argument on the Windows 7 forums with someone who is insisting
that it is possible to install and activate a RETAIL copy of Windows 7 using
an OEM Product key.
Is this possible?
Has it EVER been possible? Either in XP or Vista?
If it IS possible, does anyone have an MS page that says this is possible?

DL replied to Gordon on 03-Jan-10 09:04 AM
The key is specific to the version of win
A generic MS oem key may work but a maker specific oem key wont
Daave replied to Gordon on 03-Jan-10 10:31 AM
Although it is not possible, it *is* possible to use a Retail CD and
create an OEM CD out of it, using this method:

Then simply use the OEM CD with the OEM Product Key.

(Of course, per the EULA, you are only permitted to do this on the same
Gordon replied to Daave on 03-Jan-10 10:52 AM
Thanks. That's not what the argument is about - it is about installing
from a RETAIL DVD and then activating it using an OEM product key, which
I maintain is impossible.
Daave replied to Gordon on 03-Jan-10 11:02 AM
You are correct. The type of key needs to match the type of OS
installation. So one would need a retail key for a retail disk.

But using my example above, you can certainly activate using an OEM key.
Of course, you would be using an OEM installation disk, too. :-)
Leroy replied to Gordon on 03-Jan-10 12:43 PM
Yes, you can activate a Windows 7 Retail installation with a Windows 7
OEM product key as long as it is for the same edition.
Gordon replied to Leroy on 03-Jan-10 01:07 PM
Hmmm. NO mention of activating a RETAIL install using an OEM product
key. At least if there is I did not see it....
Leroy replied to Gordon on 03-Jan-10 01:40 PM
I have personally installed Windows Vista on an HP PC using a retail DVD
(did not enter product key during setup) and then entered a HP OEM
Windows Vista product key and it was accepted.  However, product
activation can only be accomplished by "activating by phone" which takes
about 5 minutes.

Same procedure should also work with Windows 7.
Daave replied to Daave on 03-Jan-10 02:02 PM

I am not too familiar with Vista, but I know you cannot enter the wrong
kind of key with XP.
Peter Foldes replied to Leroy on 03-Jan-10 04:43 PM

No you cannot. Even over the phone with MS when you say the key which will include
the letters OEM the Activation will fail with MS. If you call the OEM telephone
number and give the OEM key that will work


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Elmo P. Shagnasty replied to Gordon on 04-Jan-10 03:54 PM
Err - You are having an argument on the Windows 7 forum?  Err. <sigh> Umm,
did you tell them you, Err, were the NET COP of the forum?  Err.

Err - If you show them your NET COP badge, Err, they will back away.  Err
Gordon replied to Elmo P. Shagnasty on 04-Jan-10 04:32 PM
Oh piss off you ignorant moron.
SIW2 replied to Gordon on 04-Jan-10 10:45 PM
I know someone who did exactly that with the key stickered on his Dell
machine - activated fine - no phoning required.

Hope it helps


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