Windows 7 - C:/User/appdata/local/temp

Asked By Playdoe on 09-May-10 11:36 AM
i'm trying to install a program and it tells me to find this file before
starting the process. Problem is cannot find it anywhere. Literally .Took
it step by step...C then...User(me) but no Appdata/ local or temp. I
have Vista 32bit. Please help.

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Ken Blake, MVP replied to Playdoe on 09-May-10 08:45 PM
What file? What does it want you to do with it?

Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP (Windows Desktop Experience) since 2003
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webster72n replied to Playdoe on 09-May-10 11:48 PM
Something sounds very 'fishy' here:
No program ever requires any files from your system for installation, except
for the fact that it may be sharing some files,
but you certainly do not have to look for them.
How about letting us know the nature of this program.

Dave-UK replied to Playdoe on 10-May-10 03:32 AM
Appdata is a hidden folder.
Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Folder Options.
View tab > Select ' Show hidden files,folders and drives.'
Then it is C:\Users\your name\AppData
Playdoe replied on 15-May-10 09:27 AM
Guess not but I am pretty computer how do i distinguish
both!!lol By the way. Starting college soon...Anything you guys can
reccomend I take guided towards computer programming and do not say
computer programming...Thanks

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