Windows 7 - Disk defrag not completing

Asked By Stephen Ford on 04-Jun-10 02:56 AM
Vista home premium SP2
In XP the disk defrag pushes CPU close to 100% and takes a few minutes to
sort out the disk.
My Vista defrag seems to get bored with defragging and goes to sleep. It
does the following
* displays Analysing...
* Puts focus on button Defrag Now
Select the button
Select C: and deselected D: (a small partition)
Select Continue
* Button becomes Cancel Defrag
* displays Defraging hard disk
CPU rises to 75%+ for a few minutes and then falls to <5%
I tried this several times during the days and then left the PC on all night
but defrag did not complete
On selecting Cancel Defrag, the screen displays Analysing...
...and it appears the process goes nowhere.
A secondary issue is not having a progress bar as per XP.

Jim replied to Stephen Ford on 04-Jun-10 06:14 AM
I use Defraggler ; only takes 5 minutes . ( if that )
Ǝиçεl replied to Stephen Ford on 04-Jun-10 10:11 AM

How much free space is in the HHD ?

Put your computer in SAFE MODE. THEN DEFRAG.

Google search for JkDefrag or AusLogics Disk Defrag?
Epsom F. Shagnasty replied on 04-Jun-10 11:33 AM
Just make sure to use a decent OS.  That leaves Linux out!

Linux has been free for years yet most reject Linux as garbage.  There must
be a reason.
ray replied to Epsom F. Shagnasty on 04-Jun-10 06:30 PM
There could be a reason. The reason is that 'most' do not even have a clue
what the hell Linux is. You cannot reject what you do not know.
Epsom F. Shagnasty replied to ray on 04-Jun-10 02:37 PM
it is best that they do not know.
ray replied to Epsom F. Shagnasty on 04-Jun-10 07:22 PM
Yeah - it is always best to not give folks any rational choice. Especially
when you are the monopolist.
Stephen Ford replied to Ǝиçεl on 07-Jun-10 07:50 AM
120Gb+ on 150Gb HDD

Used Safe mode. Ran the command line defrag. Analyse works Ok but forcing a
defrag with >defrag C: results in the same behaviour ie, it runs for a bit a
then shuts down.
I noticed the processes Defrag.exe and DfrgNtfs.exe. The latter seems to be
doing the work and only has read&execute permission. I would have expected
full permission. I imagine the process gets all ready to defrag the disk,
doing all the necessary preamble and then freezes as soon as it tries to
write to the disk. Funnily enough, if I was using UNIX, I could set up
permissions without much trouble but when I saw this needed looking into I
decided to put it off until this evening when you guys might have time to
think about it.
Stephen Ford replied to Jim on 07-Jun-10 07:50 AM
I will look at this...
Stephen Ford replied to Epsom F. Shagnasty on 07-Jun-10 08:28 AM
Wow, that is a bit short-sighted were humanity goes. I think as you pile on
the years you will realise the majority can be wrong by dint of doing
nothing eg the NAZIs in 1930+. Unix is a wonderful system for many reasons.
I have never tried Linux but I have a few contacts in various fields who swear
by it. But it depends what you want from an O/S. Some want fast response to
games, some want easy configuration, some want power development tools and
businesses want a standard that enables them to get a job done. An O/S can
be "garbage" in one area and fabulous across the board in the other areas
and a label of "garbage" would be unfair. MS Win cannot claim brilliance (eg
Vista!) but most of these systems work to some degree.
I reported a problem with a supplier's quotation system were the text was
wrapping at the end of the printed line. I was in a non-IT environment and
told the supplier's IT dept that there was a problem with the line length.
They were clearly contemptuous and said that none of their other customers
(50,000+) had said anything and so it must be at my end. I told them about
my 25yrs in IT  and said that in my experience the majority will willingly
ignore a problem. They rang a cross section of their customers and
discovered they all had the same issue but did not realise what was wrong so
did nothing. I was the only one. Linux could have been ignored out of the
choice of "ignorance"...