Windows 7 - Windows SP1 update error code 80073712

Asked By ahwang0606 on 24-Aug-10 06:59 PM
I have 32-bit Windows Vista Home Premium and I have been trying to install
Vista Service Pack 1.  Unfortunately, every time I try, It stops halfway
through and returns error code 80073712.  I have tried the solution
involving deleting pending.xml, but i did not have a pending.xml file,
the only xml file in winsxs was called cleanup.  I have also tried to
manually install, but also stops halfway and returns error code
80073712.  I also tried the "reg delete HKLM\COMPONENT /v StoreDirty"
thing I saw, but did not have the registry.  I am getting really
frustrated at this point so if someone could help me, I would really
appreciate it.

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Peter Foldes replied to ahwang0606 on 24-Aug-10 08:13 PM
Windows Update file corruption.

Give the automated FixIt here a whirl:


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ahwang0606 replied to ahwang0606 on 25-Aug-10 06:28 PM
Thanks for the tip.  Unfortunately, it did not work.  The FixIt did not
find any problems, so nothing changed.

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expertz replied to ahwang0606 on 26-Aug-10 10:14 AM
Try the below method to solve this issue:

1) First try to boot the computer to the safe mode. You can enter the
safe mode by pressing the F8 key again and again when you switch on the

2) Try to search for c:\windows\software distribution folder  if you get
this folder open it and remove all the contents from this folder.

3) Again search for c:\windows\system32\catroot2    folder and open it.
Remove all the contents from this folder also.

4) Now again restart the computer back to the normal mode.

5) Try to run the windows updates, if the issue still persists remove
any third party firewall software or  security softwares like Norton or
Mcafee, Trend Micro etc.

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