Windows 7 - KeyUpdateTool.exe and XP SP3

Asked By Nanook on 18-Mar-08 02:07 PM
Trying to legalize a number of PCs at one customer. Problem is that customer
has SP3 installed and KeyUpdateTool reports unsupported versions. When
uninstalling SP3, the tool works fine. Is there a new version of the tool
available? I have to do about 40 PCs, so would be very handy not to have
uninstall and re-install SP3

Jerry replied on 18-Mar-08 05:37 PM
WinXP SP3 tech net forum:
ChristianBlackbur replied on 29-May-08 08:57 AM
I'm having the same problem.  My serial number is for something Pre-SP3 and I
can't activate my completely legitimate license on my laptop :(.  I'll be
calling their licensing department in the morning and having them send me a
complimentary copy of Service Pack 3 Home full if they can't fix it without
forcing me to reinstall with a prior service pack.  I slipstreamed SP3
thinking that was the smartest thing to do, it appears some stupidity (lack
of testing at Microsoft) has disproved that logic.