Windows 7 - Uninstall Quicktime - XPProfessional 64

Asked By Ashdo on 20-May-08 10:31 AM
Hello - I have Quicktime 7.4.5 running on a 64 bot machine (Running Windows
XP, Professional x64 edition, V. 2003, SP 2).

I need to uninstall Quicktime so that I can a do a new install of the
Quicktime Alternate.

The basic Add/Remove program "successfully removes" Quicktime, but when I go
to run the Quicktime Alternative installer, it fails to start with an error
message, "Setup detected you already have Quicktime installed.  You must
unistall Quicktime before you can install Quicktime Alternative."

Any thoughts?

Jerry replied on 21-May-08 11:16 PM
Ask the QuickTime folks:
Ashdo replied on 22-May-08 09:52 AM
---Gosh, Jerry, why did not I think of that.

Ok - anybody else with a more constructive comment?
Jerry replied on 22-May-08 06:14 PM
Sure - ask QuickTime.