Windows 7 - PC Boots and then lsass.exe related error causes reboot

Asked By K on 19-Jan-09 02:31 PM
My PC has Windows XP Profressional with the latest updates (SP3 incl)
installed. I am upto date with my Norton Antivirus updates as well as Windows
Defender updates. My PC was working fine until y'day. Today - Whenever I
startup the machine - the Windows XP logo comes up and then i get a dialog
box with the header message "lsass.exe - Unable To Locate Component" the text
in the dialog states - "Exception Processing Message c0000135 Parameters
10010 75b6bf7c
75b6bf7c 75b6bf7c". If i click on OK or the X(top right hand corner of the
dialog box) - it reboots. This happens again and again. Please help urgently
- by providing me detailed steps on what needs to be done to fix this (i dont
want to go through the torture of installing win xp again). Thx in advance

eckrichc replied on 19-Jan-09 10:17 PM
Install XP cd,locate "browse cd",locate i386 folder,search for Isass,
on it,in the new L.sub-menu select:copy this file,copy to windows folder,it
should install it auto.
K replied on 20-Jan-09 01:20 AM
Hi, am not able to login to windows - i dont get to see te GUI at all. Need
to do this in repair mode - will the copy from i386 on the cd to
c:\windows\system32 work through the dos command

Also the file in question is LSASS.exe not isass.exe. Were you referring to

Do let me know on the way to do this in repair mode of the windows xp
installer cd. Also - what could be the probable reason - as to why this has
happened ( i have updated apps all the time - os, antivirus and defender)

Thx in advance
K replied on 20-Jan-09 11:06 AM

I have managed to do this from the repair option - of the windows xp
installation cd. But the error persists and the pc keeps re-booting. Pls help

Thx in advance.
K replied on 22-Jan-09 06:08 AM

Am waiting
Are there no clues available as yet on this one.
Else - will have to go with the last resort - re-installation of windows xp
and all the other installations / updates that will follow.