Windows 7 - IE not responding

Asked By Lisa Casey on 16-Feb-07 10:50 AM

I am working with a Windows XP home computer. All of a sudden, Internet
Explorer will stop responding as soon as it attempts to load the home page.
This computer belongs to a friend and she has lost her XP CD that came with
the computer. Everything I have found to try to help (repair IE, running
SFC, etc.) says that youi have to have the CD. Is there any other way I can
try to fix this?


Lisa Casey

nas replied on 16-Feb-07 11:55 AM
Perform these steps one-by-one:

1= Click start >> Control Panel >> Double Click Network and Internet
Connections >> Double click Internet Options, on the IE Properties window
you will see these Options:
General | Security | Privacy | Content | Connections | Programs

Click on General Tab (1st Tab on the left) and you will see a Button called
[ Clear History ..] click on it to clear your History caches, then click on
[Delete Files..] to delete Internet Files created over the time, click on [
Delete Cookies...] to delete your cookies left by visiting websites.

= Then try to Disable the Add-Ons on your Browser somehow installed on your
browser, On how to disable the Add-ons follow this:
Click on Programs Tab and then click the Manage Add-Ons Button there Disable
the None/Not Verified Plug-ins/Add-ons ( you need to Renable them one-by-one
later and see which is the culprit or you can send them here in your next
post) and click [OK] to confirm your Changes.

Click on Advanced Tab and scroll down under the browsing option and uncheck
this box:
[&] Browsing
[ ] Enable Third-Party browser extensions (Req Rest) and click Apply
then Ok to close your IE Properties.

Scan your computer with online scanner from here:
And also for malwares from here: ; for Spybot S&D

2- Open a Run command and type in these command one-by-one:
ipconfig /flushdns   click [OK]
ipconfig /renew       click [OK]

netsh winsock reset   click [OK]

Reboot your machine and try the Internet.
BTW, if you have the XP CD the same with SP2 you can use this to repair any
broken/damaged files/folders.
Hope this help.
Lisa Casey replied on 16-Feb-07 03:20 PM

Are you saying that if I have a Windows XP CD myself (not the one that came
with my friends computer) that I can use it if I try to do a spf, etc.? I
thought a XP machine would balk if you tried to use a XP CD other than the
specific one that the software was originally installed from. (But I could
certainly be wrong!).

nas replied on 16-Feb-07 03:52 PM
Which I'm saying is if you have the *same Specs* of the CD like (OEM, Full
Retail) like your friend Computer (if she have OEM machine and you have the
same OEM XP Recovery CD) you can use it to perform a System Recovery Console
or if you want to run the System File Checker (SFC).
If you have a damaged files/folder and run the System File Checker (SFC) by
opening the Run Command and type in:
sfc /scannow   click [OK] and if it prompt you ( the system) to insert the
CD (XP SP2) put the XP CD in for the system to repair the files/folders being
found or you can change the path to where the SP2 package located here:
Let us know.
Ken Blake, MVP replied on 17-Feb-07 09:32 PM
If the CD's characteristics are the same (Professional vs. Home, Retail vs.
OEM, Full vs. Upgrade, etc.) they are identical. If, for example, you use a
Home Upgrade CD, there's no way anything can balk if it's not the original
one, because there's no way it can be told apart from the original one.

Ken Blake - Microsoft MVP Windows: Shell/User
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