Windows 7 - unable to set "show hidden files and folders"

Asked By Adam Young on 24-Apr-07 09:36 PM
I am unable to set "show hidden files and folders".
I am running XP Professional SP 2. Dell 1GHz Pentium system.

When I go to file option, click view, then click the button:
[x] show hidden files and folders, click apply, click OK.

Than, when I click file option, view, again,
the same button has been remove and enable the button - "Do not show hidden
files and options".

What did I do wrong? Is there something else I did not do?

Thank you.

Adam Young replied on 24-Apr-07 09:49 PM
Then I go to regedit
I changed the value of "Hidden" from 0 to 1.
But I am unable to make this value set to 1 permanently.

But, when I go to C:\Documents and Settings\
I cannot see the hidden folders. Then, I check and set file option,
check marked [x] show hidden files and folders. Still no hidden files.

When I go back to regedit, and the "hidden" value is now back to 0.
CreateWindow replied on 24-Apr-07 10:07 PM
Hi Adam,

Have a look here:

Read the entire post. If you have a "good" XP machine somewhere, export the
......\Advanced\Hidden.....  Keys from HKLM and HKCU and import them to your

You may still have an active virus. Download the free AVG Antivirus and do a

Good luck,
CreateWindow -
Adam Young replied on 25-Apr-07 01:41 AM
OK, thank you a bunch. I got it fixed with the "Hidden\Showall\CheckedValue"
set DW = 1.

It the spyware "mppds.exe and mppds.dll" done me in.
I do not know how it got it.
Its not shown in any of the other virus scanner, except CA spyware scanner.
Adam Young replied on 25-Apr-07 06:56 PM
Well, I spoke too early. I still have this problem.
This "Show hidden file" is un-set every time after I boot.

Where can I set this once and it would not keep resetting at every boot?

Or, am I still have other bug in my system. Multiple scan with CA &
TrendMicro shown nothing. Thanks.
CreateWindow replied on 25-Apr-07 07:46 PM

Might be time to re-install. You could try rootkitrevealer I suppose. Whilst
that may find something - getting rid of it may not be easy.

Would be quicker to backup your data and start again.

You have run msconfig I guess? Uncheck all startup modules and see if that
helps. If its returning on re-boot, that would indicate a startup malware is

Good luck
Adam Young replied on 26-Apr-07 09:55 PM
Well, found I have mppds virus.
But unable to remove it from system.
I keep coming back.

I can delete the c:\windows\mppds.exe file.
But I cannot the c:\program files\common files\microsoft
I tried boot from XP system CD and run the Recovery Console, but will not
allow me to access any folder outside of c:\windows. Can you help?
Elmo replied on 27-Apr-07 12:04 AM
Have you tried running your a/v program in Safe Mode?  And if it has the
option, schedule a boot scan.

Joe   =o)
Adam Young replied on 27-Apr-07 12:58 AM
Joe, what is a/v program? Can you tell me what is the best way to start in
Safe mode? Thanks.
Rock replied on 27-Apr-07 01:30 AM
AV=AntiVirus.  For safe mode restart the computer, as the BIOS splash screen
disappears repeatedly tap the F8 key until the Advanced options menu
appears.  Select safe mode and press enter.

Here are some links for cleaning malware.

Malware Removal

Finding, Removing & Protecting Yourself From Scumware

Richard Harper's Guide to Cleaning Pests

Rock [MS-MVP User/Shell]
Adam Young replied on 27-Apr-07 01:36 AM
Our company and my boss is doing the right thing to keep our work
environment safe and orderly for us employees. We are not allow to run those
unknown virus or spyware or adware removal programs, except these
approved programs.

MicroTrend did not have any name for this, neither are McAfee & Norton has
name for this either.
Sophos called this Troj/QQPass-JDD. They do list the manual removal steps.
But did not say what to remove.
Nightowl replied on 27-Apr-07 08:31 AM

Hi Adam

If you look under the Advanced tab on that Sophos page, you will see
details of the files and registry entries created by the virus.

Good luck!

CreateWindow replied on 27-Apr-07 07:58 PM
Okay already,

Good old Bart!  :-)  Yes, I have been using Bart's network boot disk for
ghosts for 8 years now. His PE is cool indeed.
OP's seeking help in this group would probably not know what a preinstalled
environment is.
Correct, I'm not a malware specialist, but I can write device driver code
for Longhorn beta 3 and Windows NT 3.0 and all in between.
I have never caught any virus or malware on my dev machine. I keep monthly
(30 GB) ghost images of my system drive so I can always go back - is that
Probably ;-)
Thanks for the tips,

Pamuditha Anjana replied on 10-Feb-09 03:48 AM
Remove Virus in XP that Disables “Show Hidden Files”

There is a certain virus that prevents XP users from viewing the hidden files.

The virus meddles with the ’Show hidden files and folders’ option in the Folder Options and the option keeps bouncing back to ‘Do not show hidden files and folders’, despite repeated trials.

Here is how you can set this problem right:

Navigate to the windows registry:

Go to Start menu

Click Run

Type regedit in the text box and then click Enter.

When the Registry Editor opens, perform the following steps:

Go to the following registry key:

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and then open Software.Under this navigate to: Microsoft -> Windows -> Current Version -> Explorer Then go to Advanced -> Folder -> Hidden -> SHOWALL

Delete the value CheckedValue.

(Its type should be REG_SZ and data should be 2 or 0.)

Create a new DWORD value called CheckedValue (same as above, except that the type is REG_DWORD).

Modify the value data to 1 (0×00000001).This should enable you to select the ‘Show hidden files and folders’ option without much problem.Do drop in comments if there are further queries and we shall try to find answers.