Windows 7 - Windows XP, computer thinks I'm somewhere else!

Asked By SamSpad on 03-May-07 06:53 PM
Can someone please tell me why my computer thinks I'm in a different city?
When I'm on the internet I constantly get ads on web pages for things in
Calgary but I live in Toronto. Why is this?
Windows XP Home Edition  SP2

Thanks in advance.

Ed Metcalfe replied on 03-May-07 07:00 PM
Nothing to do with your PC I do not think. My guess is it is your assigned IP

Ed Metcalfe.
SamSpad replied on 03-May-07 11:06 PM
Thanks Ed, I believe my service provider is based in Alberta.  However this
problem has only started about 6 months ago, I've been with the same service
provider for 4 1/2 years. Any other ideas, anyone?
John John replied on 04-May-07 07:40 AM
Call your ISP and ask them, they must've changed something at their end.
Or it is a ploy by those Calgarians to get you to move there ;-)

Malvern replied on 04-May-07 02:02 PM
Like other businesses, ISP's are subject to take-over by or merging with
larger corporations.  Has your "old" ISP been recently acquired or merged ?
When mine was, I knew about it after receiving e-mails about all the changes
to come.


Ed Metcalfe replied on 04-May-07 05:48 PM
I actually have a similar quirk with some of the adverts I see online. I'm
in Birmingham, UK. Lots of the adverts I see seem to be under the impression
I'm in Birmingham, AL. Only a minor difference!   :-)

Ed Metcalfe.