Windows 7 - BIOS clock resets to 2002

Asked By tzvika on 08-Jul-07 08:02 AM
I'm not sure if this is the right group to post this message. If there
is a better option please tell me.

I work at a company that has 100's of pc's and we have s strange
problem happening sometimes on random pc's.
Sometimes the CMOS clock gets reset to 2002 out of the blue. At first,
we thought its the battery but we noticed that after we changed the
time back to the correct one it stayed and didnt reset back.
Also, there is no application in the OS(windows xp) that changes
anything in the time/date.

Any thought about this ?

Harry Ohrn replied on 08-Jul-07 11:27 AM
What happens if you reset the time in the CMOS settings and then turn the
computer off and let it rest for 10 minutes or longer? Does it retain the
correct setting or is the time reverted back to 2002?


Harry Ohrn MS MVP [Shell\User]
tzvika replied on 09-Jul-07 08:47 AM
I havent tried that since all the pc's are 24/7
I could try that, but can you please tell me what we are looking for
with this method?
Harry Ohrn replied on 09-Jul-07 09:33 PM
Even with a dead BIOS battery, if the system is running the time will be
retained. However if you have a dead battery and the system is shutdown or
restarted then the time reverts back to the date the BIOS chip was created.
Is it possible that the occasions when the time reverts back to 2002
coincides with occasions when these systems have been shutdown or rebooted
for some reason? This might not even be a user shutdown as some Windows
Autoupdates will automatically reboot the system. By the way if the BIOS is
dated 2002 there is every reason to suspect the battery as 7 years is at the
very the top of the life expectancy of a BIOS battery. You could simply try
popping a new battery in one of the troublesome systems and see if that
fixes the problem.


Harry Ohrn MS MVP [Shell\User]
Unknown replied on 10-Jul-07 12:25 PM
With a dead battery the memory device that stores the time is virtually
dead. How then, can it revert to a time when the BIOS was created?
FeMaster replied on 10-Jul-07 07:28 PM
As soon as power is restored to the system, there is power to the memory.
If the time is not properly set, the BIOS sets it to it is original default
Unknown replied on 11-Jul-07 11:23 AM