Windows 7 - Copy favorites to a USB flash drive

Asked By Jim Brown on 08-Mar-08 06:37 PM
Is there a way to copy my favorites to a USB flash drive? I want to copy
them on to my wife's laptop.


Nepatsfan replied on 08-Mar-08 06:51 PM
You can use the Import/Export feature of IE.

Click on the File menu on the toolbar at the top of the window and select Import
and Export. If you're using IE7 and the Menu bar is missing, hold down the Alt
key. You can also click on the Add to Favorites icon (that's the one with the +
sign and star next to the tabs. Click on Export and save the bookmark.htm file
to your flash drive. Take it to your wife's laptop and use the Import option.

You can also do the following.
Go to Start and click on Run.
Enter Favorites in the Open box.
Copy the contents of this folder to your USB flash drive.
Follow the same procedure to open the Favorites folder on your wife's laptop and
paste the contents into her folder.

Good luck

Bob Harris replied on 09-Mar-08 09:01 AM
Favorites in IE6 are simply small files, whihc are stored under:

C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\favorites

where "user_name" is the user's name on that PC.

These can be copied and pasted like any other files (or directories).  This
is best done when Internet Explorer is not running.

There is only one file that you probably do not want to copy, and it is
called desktop.ini.