Windows 7 - not fitting to screen when i do maximizeing

Asked By Gan on 08-May-08 06:42 AM
When i am maximizing any application (like Excel, IE, Word)it is not fitting
into the screen and the status bar of the opened application went under the
task manager.I checked the task bar properties also but the prob not solved.
Can any one help me?

Twayne replied on 08-May-08 09:28 AM

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Don Phillipson replied on 08-May-08 11:32 AM

What screen resolution are we talking about?  Resolution
(horizontal dots by vertical dots) can be adjusted via
/ Control Panel / Display / Settings SCREEN AREA.

For the time being, you may be able to work as required
by setting each app's window to Window (not full screen)
and pulling left and bottom edges to appropriate positions.

Don Phillipson
Carlsbad Springs
(Ottawa, Canada) .
Ron Martell replied on 08-May-08 02:59 PM
Check Control Panel - Display and go to the Settings tab.   Does the
information there correctly identify your monitor make and model
number, and also the video card make and model?

If not then you need to update the drivers so as to get them correctly

Good luck

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Gerry replied on 08-May-08 04:38 PM

Drag the corners of the window to fit and close the window. Many
Microsoft programmes remember the setting when the window is next


Hope  this helps.

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