Windows 7 - How to increase Command Prompt's Buffer?

Asked By pg on 03-Aug-08 09:28 AM
The other day I was playing with my friends computer running WinXP and
was astonished that the Command Prompt on his machine has the buffer
that can list up to 3000 lines of past command/message

I asked my friend how come his command prompt is so amazing and he
said that he downloaded a "patch" or something, some kind of registry
tweak, quite a long while ago, and boosted the buffers that the
command prompt is using. Unfortunately, he didn't have the "patch"
anymore, nor remember where he downloaded that "patch" from.

To all the gurus:

If you know of such patch (and/or registry tweak), would you kindly
share it with me, please?

Thank you !!

or replied on 29-Jul-08 04:33 AM
To configure the command prompt
Open Command Prompt

Click the upper-left corner of the Command Prompt window, and then click

Click the Options tab.

In Command History, type or select 999 in Buffer Size, and then type or
select 5 in Number of Buffers.

That will take you to 5000
M.I.5¾ replied on 29-Jul-08 05:06 AM
Somfink wrong wiv your mafs.  It will take you to 4995.
Big_Al replied on 29-Jul-08 07:38 AM
That properties window also allows you to set the window size, font,
etc.  I'm sure you saw that, but its an asset to me to expand the window
size to get more lines of text.  I pump it up to 45 or better.  I
couldn't live with 25 lines of text on the screen.
DangerDuc replied on 29-Jul-08 09:55 AM
You guys are awesome :)
H replied on 29-Jul-08 12:27 PM
Take your pick -only need to look -
pg replied on 03-Aug-08 09:29 AM
Many thanks for your reply, however, I think it must be my dumbness
that somehow can't get it to work.

You see, in my friend's PC, his command prompt can scroll back
thousands of lines.

Let's say, on the command prompt, I go to the D drive (D: <enter>), go
to the root directory (cd\ <enter>), and do a "dir /s <enter>"

Hundreds, if not thousands of files will start scrolling down.

On my friend's PC, after the untold thousands of directories and
filename scrolled down, I can scroll back at least 3000 lines.

I did apply the thing you listed on my command prompt, and I did
double check the result, and sure enough, it has "999" per buffer and
there are "5" buffers.

I did the same "dir /s <enter>" on my D: drive, root directory.
Thousands of directories and file scrolled down.

However, after that thing finished, when I move the slider of the
command prompt up to scroll back, I can only scroll back 200 or so
lines !!

As I said, it must be my own stupidity that has somehow "infected" my
own PC.

But if you think you can _still_ help this really stupid fella, please
help !!

Please tell me how to enable my Command Prompt so that it can scroll
back thousands of lines??

Thank you all !!!!
pg replied on 03-Aug-08 09:29 AM
Much apologies for having to make this "Part 2" of my reply ... me
very stupid, what to do???

In my friend's PC, the slider of the command prompt at first was
thick. But the more thing it displays (I mean, the more line that
Command Prompt has scrolled down), the thinner that "slider button"

After scrolling down thousands of lines, that "slider button" actually
turned into a "thin slice". But if I use the mouse to "pick up" that

On my PC, however, even after I have applied that "999" per buffer
plus that "5 buffers" thing, the thickness of that "slider button" of
my Command Prompt doesn't really change much, even if I use the
Command Prompt to scroll through thousands of lines (such as when I
use "dir/s" at the root directory)

Hence, when I use the mouse cursor to "pick up" that "slider button"
of the Command Prompt in my PC, it only scrolls back 200 lines or so.

Dunno what I have done wrong?? <scratching my head>