Windows 7 - What is Software Distribution Service 3.0

Asked By HackerGoAwa on 08-Aug-08 09:45 AM

I have searched for the answer to this question here, and I am particularly
curious about the people who describe not having installed it and the
problems it caused.

In my case I am not sure it has caused problems, exactly, although I might
get into that once I understand what it is.

Thanks to all who answer here.

Don Phillipson replied on 08-Aug-08 10:47 AM

Well, what makes you seek this information, i.e. what
sort of problems appear on  your XP PC ?

Don Phillipson
Carlsbad Springs
(Ottawa, Canada)
ElizaDoolittl replied on 08-Aug-08 12:01 PM
Hi Don,

I don't know where to start, for sure. The thing that happened today,
though, that made me crazy, is this:

I boot up my computer and see a welcome screen that gives a choice of
running as Administrator or User. As soon as I walked across the room, that
screen disappeared, and my desktop was completely different. Missing were
icons for Spybot, Firefox, and curiously, a screen shot of expired security
certificates I had taken using SnagIt.

My first thought was to go to system restore, where I knew I had created
various restore points after every new software and service pack
installation. (I recently got a warranty repair that involved a new hard
drive and so everything had been nuked and burned in the past week. I got
service pack 3, Avast, and various other things like that to install before I
ever connected to the net. Likewise, I had turned off System Restore so that
all the restore points before SP 3 were erased.) When I go to System restore
today, I discover that none of my restore points were there, but there were
several different points that involved Software Distribution Service 3.0.
That includes today, when I have not installed any updates.

I could go on, and get really weird, but you probably already thingk I go to
bed with an aluminum foil liner under a hat to prevent alien mind control.


Thanks for the help.
Allan replied on 09-Aug-08 12:07 AM
It is advisable to use the same screen name when posting replies within a
single thread. (ElizaDoolittle?)

Hackergoaway replied on 19-Aug-08 01:17 PM
Can anyone answer the original question: What is Software Distribution Service? (P.S. I just re-nuked my hard drive, refused to install anything that has an expired security certificate--including IE7--and Software Distribution Service has not re-appeared on the System Restore Points.)

I am sorry, but I didn't know there would be a different name on the thread. I will try to make sure this time it has the same name, but it looks as if it may be different yet again! That's a question for another day.