Windows 7 - Taskbar height suddenly too tall

Asked By KiwiBrian on 22-Mar-09 11:16 AM
I have inadvertantly done something that has doubled the height of my bottom
of the screen Taskbar and I cannot find out how to reduce it to the normal 1
entry/icon height.

dennis replied on 22-Mar-09 11:31 AM
If I understand your question, just move your mouse to the top of the
taskbar and your cursor should change to up and down arrows. Right click and
drag it back to the size you want. After that, right click on the taskbar
and select "lock the taskbar" so it won't happen again.

KiwiBrian replied on 22-Mar-09 11:53 AM
Thanks Dennis.
I think that you mean to left click not right click, but in my situation
dragging with the left mouse button varies the height but can not reduce it
below 2 'rows' height.
Malke replied on 22-Mar-09 12:52 PM
What happens is that the end "margin" of the QuickLaunch toolbar (actually a
separate toolbar on the Taskbar) has gotten so far over to the right that
it is now down below. Unlock the Taskbar and then "grab" the dotted line on
the bottom bar and drag it up to immediately to the right of the
QuickLaunch icons. Now you've successfully made the QuickLaunch toolbar
shorter and can "grab" the top bar of the Taskbar and "push" it down to the
regular one-tier height. Then you can right-click on an empty area of the
Taskbar and lock it again.

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KiwiBrian replied on 22-Mar-09 05:33 PM
Thanks so much Malke.
Worked perfectly, thanks to your perfectly explicit explanation and
A tricky one.
Malke replied on 22-Mar-09 06:27 PM
I am delighted to hear it. Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

Elephant Boy Computers - Don't Panic!