Windows 7 - Can't see text in boxes

Asked By j on 19-Oct-09 05:50 PM
I made the mistake of trying to improve the readable of various fonts,
using ControlPanel>Display>Appearance>Advanced.  Now I have boxes in
windows that I cannot read because the text is white on a white
background.  E.G. the 'next' or 'exit' boxes (buttons?) in some apps.
As hard as I try, I simply cannot seem to restore black text (or for
that matter any non-white) on white background.

This seems stupid, and I guess it is.  Please do not laugh.  But can
someone tell me how,  or point me to some directions on this subject?
I would appreciate it.


Nil replied to j on 19-Oct-09 08:12 PM
On 19 Oct 2009, wrote in

Check to see if this setting is enabled:

ControlPanel | Accessubility Options | Display | Use High Contrast

If so, turn it off.
John Dulak replied to j on 19-Oct-09 10:00 PM

In the Appearance>Advanced dialog box select "3D Objects" from the
Item: drop down menu and select black from the color pop up pallet ON
THE SECOND LINE *NOT* the "Color 1" pallet on the first line.

In a similar manner you can check the text color for the other items
in the "Item:" drop down menu.



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J. P. Gilliver (John) replied to Nil on 19-Oct-09 09:13 PM
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No, the OP has very low contrast - in fact zero contrast!

I presume you are having difficulty because you cannot see anything when
you go into ControlPanel>Display>Appearance>Advanced again. Two
possibles I can think of:

1. Drag the cursor over the bits you are trying to see: highlighted text
often shows up differently. However, white on white might highlight as
black on black or similar, so if that does not work,
2. Try using one of the other colour schemes - does not really matter
which one, nor that you cannot see what you are getting.

Assuming you have "classic" start menu, the keyboard sequence (even if
you cannot see it) is: Start (i. e. Windows key), C for Control Panel,
enter, D D for display (the first D is for date and time), enter. Or,
right click on an empty part of desktop, then r for Properties (!) will
get you to the same place.

Once you have Display Properties up, Shift-tab, then right, right, right
to get to the Appearance tab, Alt-C for Color Scheme, then up then
enter. This should select some colour scheme with buttons with text a
different colour!
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Jim replied to j on 20-Oct-09 09:04 AM
Change the background colo(u)r ?