Windows 7 - C:\Documents and Settings\user name\.thumbnails\normal

Asked By H.B. on 05-Feb-10 11:19 PM
With Windows XP Home edition:
I have notice that under C:\Documents and Settings\user
name/.thumbnails\normal  that there are a lot of recent thumbnail photos.
What's this all about????
Any knowledge on this?
Thanks in advance,

williamtell replied to H.B. on 06-Feb-10 12:41 AM
No! Fill us in on just what websites you have been visiting!
Dirk T. Verbeek replied to H.B. on 06-Feb-10 07:44 PM
H.B. schreef:
A leading dot makes file names hidden in Unix systems like Linux and MacOSX.
The / (forward slash) also points in that direction.

Maybe you run a dual boot and have accessed the sda1 drive from the
other OS?
Or maybe you use a graphics viewer like XnView or GQview that has it is
origins in Linux.
Olórin replied to Dirk T. Verbeek on 08-Feb-10 04:19 AM
I am sure the forward slash was a typo - I have got this folder but it was
under \.thumbnails

No idea what the contents are about though, OP, sorry! Perhaps their nature
and date will give you clues.
Connor Kightlinger replied to H.B. on 10-Nov-11 09:51 AM
I noticed the same thing as OP, and figured out that the thumbnails were created by GIMP, an open-source image editor. Every image I'd ever opened in GIMP had had thumbnails created under C:\Documents and Settings\username\.thumbnails\normal.

To disable the automatic creation of thumbnails in GIMP, go to Edit > Preferences. The first page to come up should be "Environment". Under the section "Image Thumbnails" is the setting "Size of Thumbnails"- change it from "Normal (128x128)" (hence the name of the mystery directory: "normal") to "No Thumbnails". No further images should appear in C:\Documents and Settings\username\.thumbnails\normal for as long as this option is disabled.