Windows 7 - run system restore: the computer locks

Asked By You Know Who ~ on 22-Feb-07 05:29 PM
running XP home with SPII, all updates.  When I go into my computer,
properties, system restore the computer locks up. Error messages get sent.
When I got into administration, services, it says system restore is on,
automatic.  I have gotten a message that windows cannot run some files, such
sysd.cpl but those files apppear to be in place.

I only have a recovery disk not the windows XP disc for this
computer (though I have an XP disk from another computer).  thanks for any

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Rich Barry replied on 23-Feb-07 02:15 AM
You could try a System File Check by inserting the WinXP CD and go to
Start>Run  type:   sfc  /scannow
You Know Who ~ replied on 24-Feb-07 10:48 AM
thanks, solved the problem by reinstalling the system restore.