Windows 7 - "kbdhid.sys" Problem (Windows XP 2)

Asked By An on 21-Apr-08 01:42 PM
I'm trying to install a new wireless keyboard/mouse (the Logitech brand) and
it's saying the file "kbdhid.sys" is missing - do I need to re-install SP2,
or is there a way to re-install any missing files that are needed for me to
complete the installation??  Please let me know, asap, I'd highly appreciate

Thanks much!!!

nas replied on 21-Apr-08 05:58 PM
Error message when you connect a keyboard or an external number pad to a
Windows XP-based computer: "Kbdhid.sys file missing"
IntelliMouse Explorer: Mouse Does Not Respond When Connected to USB Port

Ly replied on 21-Apr-08 07:54 PM

I've accessed the links you've kindly provided.  However, when I went to
search for the file - this is what came up:

What should be done, next??

Note: About four weeks ago, I encountered a semi-vital mishap with my pc - I
(purely by accident) deleted many vital files (I was scanning for unwanted
clutter and poorly read the options, which resulted to an disaster that I
could yell at myself over and over again about.  I would love to reverse it,
but I can't; I've tried 'System Restore', but as the mishap occured, my
dingbat of a moment was intense (to make a very long story short).

I hope that, after all's been said and done, I can just re-install SP2 (if
this is a possibility).
nas replied on 23-Apr-08 06:45 AM
Then try to copy the file from the installation Cd of XP or the CD for the
Keyboard to the directory where it need it like:

Run this command:
sfc /scannow  click [OK] and let it run and be ready to insert the XP CD if
it asked you to do so.
Ly replied on 01-Jul-08 08:05 PM
Wow, I've definitely been 'MIA' for much too long!  Many apologies, just been
going through many hardships.

Is there a way 'Microsoft' can snail mail me the Windows XP (Professional
Edition) CD to my home location (Windows XP was pre-installed when I
purchased my pc 5 years ago)??  I really hope this is an option as I don't
know of any other way to fix the problem without the CD, thanks much!!