Windows 7 - missing screen savers

Asked By yvonnesa on 16-Feb-07 09:14 AM
I have been trying to install some screen savers, but they have not showed
in desktop properties.  What did show up is a blank screen savers.


Wesley Vogel replied on 16-Feb-07 04:28 PM
Screen Saver Names and File Locations.

Files with an .scr extension are screen savers.

.scr files should be located in these folders...

The .scr files located in C:\WINDOWS\system32 should be listed in Display
Properties, Screen Saver tab, Screen saver list.

At least the default XP screen savers are located as above.

logon.scr = Logon Screen Saver
scrnsave.scr = Default Screen Saver
ss3dfo.scr = Direct3D Flying Objects Screen Saver
ssbezier.scr = Bezier Curves Screen Saver
ssflwbox.scr = Direct3D Flowerbox Screen Saver
ssmarque.scr = Marquee Screen Saver
ssmypics.scr = My Pictures Slideshow Screensaver
ssmyst.scr = Mystify Screen Saver
sspipes.scr = Direct3D Pipes Screen Saver
ssstars.scr = Starfield Screen Saver
sstext3d.scr = Direct3D 3D Text Screen Saver

Hope this helps.  Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User

yvonnesa <> hunted and pecked:
yvonnesa replied on 19-Feb-07 10:33 PM
Thank you.  I have searched the files below before and again.  Now I am
getting amissing file error.


Wesley Vogel Wrote:

jack replied on 20-Feb-07 10:16 AM
that happened to me a couple yrs ago,

do a sfc/ scannow
to replace required missing WIN files :)
It came back for me :)