Windows 7 - MPlayer32.exe

Asked By sasha gottfried on 26-Dec-07 02:16 PM
This player in the windows/system32 folder is used by Powerpoint to play
videos. All I get is audio from this player....or nothing at all depending
on the video file type. The videos play fine in every other player (WMP,
Real Player etc.). I've decreased the video acceleration to 0, changed the
monitor refresh rate up to 70 from 60, but nothing gets this player to work
with videos. I imagine it's some missing codec but the K-Lite 'G Spot'
program indicates codecs are installed for the videos.
I'm using WMP11...latest version as my default player...but the MPlayer32 is
needed for Powerpoint. Any suggestions or troubleshooting tips appreciated.


D. Spencer Hines replied on 26-Dec-07 02:28 PM
I would not have WMP 11 on my system either.

it is at least as bad as IE 7.

I have stayed with WMP 10.

sasha gottfried replied on 26-Dec-07 03:41 PM
This has nothing to do with WMP11 per se. The same problem with MPlayer32
existed with WMP10.

harry_marke replied on 27-Dec-07 09:02 AM
try this codec it may work for u it did for me if u have vista click vista
and dl ym 9.0 and the codec and then try your media player now to let you
know yahoo has changed there codec so look for it here  or try to serch the new codec in yahoo
ansures hope this helps
sasha gottfried replied on 27-Dec-07 12:25 PM
Thanks.........I am not clear where on that page I can access the codec that
would make the MPLYAR32.EXE work with videos or movies. Can you be more